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Life Force Energy Names

Life Force may still not have a formal scientific name but ancient cultures have known about it since the dawn of man. Life force energy names are obviously different from the perspective of language and how life force is described by the different cultures but the fundamental concept is more similar than different.

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What Is Life Force Energy

Understanding and appreciating of life force energy has seen most indigenous cultures thrive in times of sickness and troubles.

universal life force energy examples

Today’s modern life is laden with chronic illness and challenges that did not exist in old times. In old times, there were practices, beliefs and particular cultural rituals and norms that did not create room for the type of ills witnessed in modern day life. Of course, this varied from culture to culture.

Healing procedures were developed centered around the flow of life force energy in a person. The basis of every illness was believed to be due energy blockage somewhere in the body.

Life Force Examples

This energy and life force energy meaning depends on a number of things like your location/origin, spiritual background or belief system, etc. and in consequence, it goes by many names. Here are some of the life force energy names examples that refer to the same;

Prana Life Force Energy

Prana has its origins in India with roots in Vedic which later became Hindu religion. Prana energy is prevalent in Yoga practitioners and meditation.

Chi or Qi Life Force Energy

Chi or Qi has its origins in China. It is one of the 3 subtle energies in traditional Chinese medicine. These subtle energies are Jing, Shen and Qi.

Pneuma Energy

Pneuma has its origins in Greek medicine.

Ki Life Force Energy

Ki has its origins in Japanese medicine and cultural practices.

Mana Spirit Energy

Mana energy has its origins in Polynesia.

Odic Force

Odic force is also called Od or Odyle is more European as the name was coined by Baron Carl von Reichenbach.


Nyama has its origins in Africa.

Orgone Energy

Orgone energy has its origins in Europe and potentially got its name from use of orgonite material. Personal devices have been made out of orgonite material for healing and other things.

Cosmic Energy

Zero Point Energy

Benefits Of Life Force Energy

Where there is no life force energy there is no life. A living thing thrives on life force energy. In the example of humans every cell in every organ emits a certain frequency of a particular wavelength. These frequencies are very subtle and need special equipment to be measured.

Bio Resonance technology is based on this fact that each organ has its unique signature wavelength. If when measured it is found to deviate from the expected value, it is an indication that something is wrong or it is going to be wrong in due time. Bio resonance as well as other conventional alternative medicine approaches is used to diagnose the health of a person or animal. It determines the imbalance of these subtle energies in a life body.

So one might ask what are the benefits of life force energy? The above example touched on just one benefit, that is where there is no life energy there is no life. So this energy, call it Qi, Prana, etc. is the breath of life. Click here to find other benefits of life force energy.

Traditional Practices Based On Life Force Energy

Ancient cultures knew or had some sort of acknowledgement of life force energy such that they had practices for healing and for harnessing this energy so that they may function in their everyday lives. Energy harnessing practices can be likened to what we call immune boosting and a number other things like being able to improve focus and concentration, sleep better, inner peace and calmness, etc.

Energy Harnessing/Absorption Practices

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Qi gong
  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • etc.

Energy Healing Traditional Medicine Practices

  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Ayurveda
  • Chakra Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • etc.

Modern science has innovated most of these practices for better and faster results. Some practices like meditation needed a lot of patience and discipline for a fraction of anticipated results. Assisted meditation using modern technology helps experience benefits and effects of meditation much faster and easier.

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