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How To Cleanse Your Aura

Cleansing your aura or auric field or biofield simply means taking steps to make it brighter, more distinctive and stronger. Or in other words taking steps to improve yourself in any area of your life. In the act of cleansing, some or all the blockages in the chakras and nadis will unblock to allow the subtle life force energy, prana, chi, etc. to flow.

What Is To Cleanse Your Aura?

Learning how to cleanse your aura is a necessity for anyone who wants to lead a balanced life. Cleansing of the auric field and balancing of the chakras are two sides of the same coin. There cannot be one without the other. One triggers the other. One is the by-product of the other. In other words, there is no way you can cleanse your aura and the chakra or nadis remain blocked.

On the other hand, you cannot perform chakra unblocking routines and your auric field does not become brighter more distinctive and stronger. Therefore either learning how to cleanse your aura and doing it or chakra balancing will yield the same results.

Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

When your aura is not as strong and bright as it should and your primary aura color is not prominent it is best to do aura cleansing. There are several different ways methods to cleanse your aura. These ways and methods can be classified as traditional, non-traditional or modernized, some may have a spiritual or religious belief attached to them or be spiritual/religious practices, some may be in the form of therapies.

Non-Traditional Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

  • PEMF
  • BioField Tuning Approaches
  • Drinking And Using Structured Water
  • Listening To Binaural Beats Music
  • Frequency Assisted or Guided Meditation
  • Using Solfeggio Frequencies
  • EMF Blockers

Traditional Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

  • Traditional Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Chanting
  • Singing Bowls
  • Practicing Qi Gong
  • Practicing Yoga

Passive Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

  • Seeking Counselling
  • Self Improvement
  • Self Care
  • Exercise
  • Deciding To Live Healthy
  • Socializing and Hobbies
  • Taking Remedial Actions e.g. loosing weight
  • What Exactly Is An Aura Cleanse

    They are a number of ways to cleanse aura, some not recognized as aura cleanse though. For a example medication or medical help, in context, is a form of aura cleansing. However, it not viewed as that. In fact, any form of treatment, cure or anything done to eliminate, reduce or control pain, discomfort, illness, etc. is a form of aura cleansing.

    Not everyone will agree with that but that is what it is. This is because any of the above methods will in one way or the other make the person better. That feeling of being better will improve your aura and an improvement in aura is sign that energy somehow somewhere has been unblocked.

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