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How To Measure Life Force Energy

Life force energy or vitality can be measured. It can be measured in food, in water, in the human body and other things. In this context life force energy refers to the vitality or subtle energy that the item has. If you want to know or understand how to measure life force energy, it is important to appreciate the different types of this measurement.

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Measuring Life Force Energy

There are different principles used to measure vitality and different measuring tools and instruments are designed around these principles.

measuring universal life force energy to enjoy life to the full

With some principles, measurement values are not absolute, at least to an untrained person. That is, to an untrained person, a value will make sense only when a comparison is made between 2 or more readings of different objects.

With some instruments, measurement value or analysis made is more diagnostic and shows areas where improvement can be made either in a person’s life or what they can do. As an example a reading may show an imbalance in the energy system of the individual in which case the individual must do activities that would balance those energies.

In some instances measuring this energy (more of reading than measuring) is performed by a trained or naturally gifted person like a clairvoyant person rather than an instrument. This reading or measurement of energy does not provide a value but rather an indication whether the individual’s life force energy is low or well aligned.

Ways To Measure Life Force Energy

There are different ways and tool to measure life force energy. Some are primitive traditional ways while some are using top of the range technology. However, some methods may not be viewed strictly as measuring but in essence it is.

Aura Reading
Aura reading may not be viewed as a way to measure life force energy but in a way it is. This is when someone’s auric field or aura is read by looking at the aura colors of the individual. This is commonly done by a clairvoyant, an aura reader who is born with gift of reading aura (or trained). An aura can reveal so much about a person to an extent that the person will know which areas of their lives to improve to change their aura.
Aura Test
An aura test, like aura reading is technically not a life force energy measurement procedure but indirectly it does. The test can be done by a clairvoyant as above or it can be series of questions sequenced in particular designed to reveal your aura. Once the aura is revealed and analyzed, a set of actions can be proposed to correct whatever might be seen as the problem in the aura.
Aura Photography
Aura photography is similar to traditional aura reading except that the aura is captured by a special camera designed for the purpose of capturing or with ability to capture a person’s aura. In other words it is modernized method of aura reading. The person reading the aura does not necessarily have to be clairvoyant (though that would be an advantage). The person reading the aura may only be trained in understanding the meaning of different aura colors.
Bio-Well – Gas Discharge Visualization Camera
Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian effect) made specially for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person.
BOVIS Biometer
BOVIS biometer, also called Bovis Scale, is a tool that measures the life force energy level of any substance, food, medicine, living beings, objects or geographic places. To measure life force energy, there is a frequency scale: the Bovis. This scale was developed by Frenchman André Bovis and perfected by André Simon Eton. The Bovis scale was created to measure vitality. This value is measured by the vibration of matter.
Egely Wheel
The Egely Wheel is designed as a universal life energy meter and is extremely sensitive to minor changes. The Egely Wheel measures universal life energy, which takes many forms. Whether you work with chi, qi, prana, kundalini, mana, pneuma, auras, vibrations, the Egely Wheel can help.

When Is It Important To Measure Life Force Energy

One of the benefits of life force energy is well rounded life that is fulfilling and thriving. Having optimal life force energy is essential and it is not always possible to have it balanced. Therefore, it is important to measure or analyze your life force energy from time to time. The same way it is with a medical check-up, dental check-up. Or the same way one would have a habit of taking stock of one’s life i.e. achievements, failures, areas that need improvement, etc.

The same way that one can set goals and take time to analyze which ones were met and which were not and why, measuring life force energy should be treated in the same manner. It should be from time to time. How often would depend on a number of factors the same way when one has to more frequently check their blood pressure when they have high blood pressure problems or sugar levels when they have diabetes.

Someone without any chronic problems does not have to do health check-ups like someone with chronic illnesses like diabetes. So in the case of life force energy, if there are no major upsets in your life and at the same time you want to make some improvements, whether in relationships, improve certain habits, start sleeping better, etc. one might take a measurement, test or reading once in 6 to 12 months.

After the first measurement, test or reading one may actively indulge in activities that restore, replenish or increase life force energy. The purpose of these first instance of measurement would be to gauge where one is in terms of energy levels such that the next measurement can show if there was an improvement or not.

Why Is It Important To Measure Life Force Energy

If you want to know how to increase life force energy in you, it is important to be able to measure it or at least have an idea of where it might measure. There are many reasons why an individual might want to measure their life force energy. However, it is important to consider the instrument or the method used.

Though different measuring tools and methods can be used, they are not all the same in terms of their objectives. Some tools may be used to improve health because that is their objective. Some may be for personality, some for something else. So choice of a proper tool or method is important to meet your objective.

At the end of it all the importance of measuring life force energy is to have an idea of “your energy levels” and to be able to compare before and after, where possible.

How Can Measuring Life Force Energy Help

It is not always necessary to measure it but what would be important would be to know if the item, whether something edible like food or water, would increase your life force or not.

Take for example the Bovis scale. Tap water is said to be between 1000 to 3000 Bovis units. This range of 1000-3000 BU does not mean much unless you have another measurement of a different thing that you can compare it with. Unlike when told a distance is 1 mile or something is 6 feet long, you have a pretty good idea what is being talked about. One does not need any reference point to imagine how long a mile is or 6 feet are.

Going back to Bovis scale when one or two more measurements are introduced the reading starts to have more meaning. Take an example of the vitality of structured water made by Aqua Energizer water structuring units. Bovis Scale measurements of different waters showed by gives a clearer idea where Aqua Energizer structured water ranks.

  • Aqua Energizer Water – 35,000 to 95,227 BU
  • Healing Water from Lourdes, France – 27,300 BU
  • Spring Water – 17,200 BU
  • Tap water – 6,000 BU

What Do The Bovis Scale Measurements Mean

Put this way these readings make more sense than when each is a standalone. They make even more sense when one knows that at times the Bovis value of 6500 is often made as a reference point. This is because 6500 BU is regarded as the minimum value of a healthy person. According to “a Bovis figure of 6,500 is considered “neutral”, lower figures affect human “energies” negatively, higher figures are said to have a positive effect.”

That is a person with BU lower than 6500 in value is likely to be fall sick. Also, according to “healthy people have a value from 6,500 to 8,000 on the Bovis scale.” As a side note this translates into

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