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Benefits Of Life Force Energy

Perhaps it is best to show the benefits of life force energy in terms of how it pertains to our overall wellness. The extent to which one has life force energy in their body, how easily and freely it can flow in, around and out of the body says a lot about one’s wellness and the degree to which they enjoy life. Wellness is not about health only, it is all encompassing and covers at least 7 areas of our lives.

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What Are The Benefits Of Life Force Energy

Life force energy is like money. You need to have it. It needs to circulate around. It needs to come in and out of your life.

understand life force energy meaning

If you keep it to yourself you will not enjoy it. To enjoy it you will need to use it to buy what you need and want. You use it to enjoy life. The benefits of life force energy can be explained in the same manner.

At the same time if you give too much of it away by going into debt, spending it lavishly without responsibility you will eventually be bankrupt and not enjoy life as much. In many ways money and life force energy are the same though the latter is more complex.

Life force energy is our fuel and source of life. Where there is lack of it, some of challenge, setback, difficulty, etc. is eminent. It defines the wellness sphere and its dimensions of every human being. Optimal presence of and access to life force energy translates into a thriving lifestyle.

For one to live a fulfilling lifestyle, it is important to look at wellness in all dimensions and try as much as possible to create balance in each of them. Each dimension should be satisfied in order to enjoy life to the full. That would be an ideal situation and life normally does not have ideals.

That is why it is important to always have plans and try to touch every area of your life to create this balance. In which case there will less discomforts in one’s life.

Dimensions Of Wellness

For an individual to thrive in life and have optimal life all pillars of wellness should be in balance. Any imbalance in any of the dimensions will cause disruptions and challenges in one’s life. These pillars are;



Mental & Intellectual





Life Force Examples

There are many life force energy names and each name given to this energy depends on the language or culture. The essence is in the concept not necessarily what it is called and it is apparent that the meaning behind every name points to the same thing. A force that gives and sustains life and needs to be continuously replenished and maintained. here are some of the life force examples;

  • Prana Life Force Energy
  • Chi or Qi Life Force Energy
  • Pneuma Energy
  • Ki Life Force Energy
  • Mana Spirit Energy
  • Odic Force
  • Nyama
  • Orgone Energy
  • Cosmic Energy
  • Plus more…

    How To Increase Life Force Energy

    Following the analogy of money above, like money life force energy can be increased. The question how to increase life force energy is as important and necessary as the ageless question how to make more money?.

    Since the ancient of times people have always wanted to find ways to make more money and those who had were envied and respected by many. They were and are labeled as the rich. It is no different with life force.

    For centuries man has always wanted to feel and experience the sense of life force. In familiar terms, these was enlightenment. For centuries man has been seeking enlightenment. Enlightenment has proven to be a toll of a mountain to climb and it even seems unattainable to some. To the extent that it is a myth to some. Find out how to measure life force energy here…

    However, in modern day life and with the advent of technology, experiences and glimpses of higher states of consciousness seem to be far more attainable than in the ancient days. Total enlightenment might still be a goal yet to achieve but with modern science near higher consciousness states are attainable.

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