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Welcome to where we discuss things water… we mean we talk about things and topics related to water. Water is essential in and to our lives.

Something as ancient as water one would think there would be nothing more to learn or discover especially that science and technology are advanced… but alas, it looks like we have not even scratched the surface. In my quest to learn more about water I came to know about gel water, the fourth phase of water, structured water, etc.

Even if I was living under a rock, I can bet this is not common knowledge. So on this website we will be talking about products, topics, or anything related to water. From which good products to buy and why, to which water is best to drink and more.

What We Are About

Hi! My name is Carls and I am the author of This site was intrigued by a research I was doing about water after my interest grew bigger and bigger around the subject. Carls Drinking Structured Water in A GlassI heard a lot of information about how the water we drink is not “healthy’ – well in a way, whether from the tap or bottled water or even using water filtering systems including reverse osmosis systems.

It appeared to me like we are doomed, especially from where I stay because no other water was available in my area except the usual mentioned above. Unless it is raining of course…

So I wanted to find out if there is no better water out there or any methods that we can use to make water better since the methods I already knew about did not have good reputation.

I started researching about water as a consumer, which I am, with no technical or expert knowledge around the subject. I acquired a bit of knowledge here and there and thankfully I discovered that my situation is not a hopeless case.

I learnt about different ways of how water can be improved and become a healthy life supporting beverage using water structuring. I also learnt a lot more things and this inspired me to create this website.

I figured I was not alone in this predicament and seemingly dead end situation, there would be others out there also looking for solutions to this water problem (and other things that I discovered in different related subjects). So this website was born.

In essence is about water in terms of what is the best water to drink, how to drink water for optimal hydration as well as other hydration options out there that will help our health.

As mentioned, in my research I came across a lot of information and at times I was overwhelmed. So I have decided to share this information with you and it is not strictly about water. I share other topics that are somehow related to the subject of water and/or getting better hydration.

To make it simpler I categorized my research into 3 main areas, being – Water, Hydration and Life Force. Let me explain why and what each category is about and hopefully you will spot the connection;



Under this category I discuss mainly topics that are directly related to water. In my research I decided to categorize water into 2 categories (there are many categories also depending on the context of what one means by category – is type of water, kind of water, etc). For simplicity let’s just say categories and they are; Bulk Water and Structured Water.

I further divided water into 4 sub-categories – Artesian water, Spring water, Rain Water and Prepared Water. To avoid getting into details here, basically all water above would be bulk water and water enhanced with live force energy (structured water). To understand this further go to this article called Water!

Also this research expanded beyond just drinking the best water but also into water use in agriculture, pets and more…


As mentioned above my research was mainly finding better water for drinking especially and drinking water is mainly about hydration. So I carried out further research in this area to know how to be hydrated as well and came across a wealth of information also worth sharing.

Apart from acquiring a lot of knowledge about hydration as a topic I also learned about Total Body Water (TBW), Hydration Calculator, Hydration Monitors, Hydration Trackers & Apps, that you can have a Hydration Coach, using Chinese clock to drink water for better hydration and cleansing, plus more.

Life Force

As the water topic intrigued me more, new topics came to the surface. I learned that bulk water does not have or has little life force. This life force goes by many names. Some call it prana, orgone energy, qi, biophoton energy, cosmic energy, etc.

It also turned out that this energy is kind of cyclic in the sense that H2O water (bulk water) absorbs it to turn into H3O2 water and at the same time this H3O2 water dissipates the same to our bodies to give us this life force energy, uses it to carry out processes in the body. The body can also get this energy from other channels.

In other words orgone energy or prana converts bulk water to structured water and at the same time the body needs and uses it for other processes. Put another way, H3O2 water has it to perform its duties in the body, and also the body absorbs it from the H3O2 water for energy and other things (however the body needs it). At the same time the body can get this energy from other sources other than water.

In essence when the body gets this life energy from other sources other than H3O2 water and yet the person drinks bulk water (i.e. H2O water), the body will use this energy to turn H2O molecules to H3O2 molecules. So drinking bulk water uses up some of the energy the body has while when drinking structured water this energy increases in the body.

So I learned about other ways the body can and absorbs life force energy from other channels including sunlight, infrared light, raw food, earth grounding, etc. And at the same time there are products that help us harness this energy like infrared saunas, earth grounding products including sheets, beds, shoes, etc.


These are fascinating topics and wish you will find them as fascinating as well. And above all, hopefully you will find the content useful. If you had areas about water or related topics that needed clarity, probably you will find it here. I also want to believe you will also find products that would be useful in your life.


In creating this website and writing content I also made every effort, as much as possible, to cite and reference resources I got information from since like I said I have no formal educational background on the subject. So all I could do is digest the information and come to my own conclusions and decisions basing on what I have learnt. So there will be references to other resources where possible.


What also motivated me was the idea that I can make some money while sharing this information. I came across products that turn water into the best drinking water, called structured water, products related to hydration, other to life energy, etc… So as I present content I may not only make reference to educational resources but also to related products.

It may happen that you end up purchasing some of these products I made reference to and when that happens I may earn some commission. This does not mean the price of the product would be increased to cater for the commission, in fact the reverse is sometimes true. You might be able get it at a discount or the link may be directing you to a product with a much lower price were you to find it elsewhere. This means if you were to buy the product anywhere else chances are you would pay a higher price.

A few examples include purchasing products from TheWellnessEnterprise Superstore,, etc. From time to time we might have a TWE Superstore coupon code for further discounts or discount coupons from, etc.

Carls Drinking Structured Water

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