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Life Force

Speaking of life force as something esoteric will be an understatement yet again not everyone appreciates or agrees with the existence of life force. The existence of life force is not universally acknowledged or at least not a cup of coffee for everyone. On the other hand, some of those who acknowledge it have a religious or spiritual connotation to it. That is why in different cultures and societies, from Asian, Indian, Western, African, etc. have different names for it – which we will come to later.

What Is Life Force?

Life force can be explained as the force or influence that gives an individual, animal, plant or anything its vitality or strength. Or it can be said to be the spirit or energy that animates all living things.

It is not easy to define Life force. Simply because it is conceptual. Grasping and understanding of life force is elastic and virtual or experiential for some people. An attempt to define it is often a series of explanations and descriptions and these often vary from culture to culture, some attaching a spiritual aspect to it some do not.

What is the concept of life force?

Putting everything else apart, the concept of life force in terms of wanting to experience or feel life force energy is more like wanting to achieve balance in one’s life i.e. wellness. That is to say, embarking on life force journey is about wellness. Wellness in its entirety, not one aspect of it. Whether one believes in supreme being or anything esoteric like that or an atheist, at least the concept of wellness can potentially appeal to many.

Life Force And Wellness

One may not immediately make a direct correlation between life force and wellness. However, that correlation exists and once certain aspects are appreciated it becomes as clear as day and night.

As much as life force is not universally understood and accepted there are at least 7 underpinning aspects of wellness that are understood and embraced. These may be called wellness dimensions. Well, at the very least 4 core ones! These are;

  1. Physiological
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental & Intellectual
  4. Spiritual
  5. Social
  6. Vocational
  7. Environmental

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