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Water Is Complex


How much do you know about the water you are drinking, using in your home to shower or bath, cook with, giving to your pets, plants, do laundry with, etc? There is more to water than just filtering it or purifying it to make it safe to drink and use.

The Energy of water sets the stage for your Health, Vitality and HealingTap water does not have it. Bottled water does not have it. Reverse Osmosis water does not have it. Distilled water does not have it. Structured water has this ENERGY…

It is true, our systems may be making water safe to drink but at a cost… among other things some remove all the essential trace elements found in water, some kill the water, some add harmful chemicals, etc. Find out where we go wrong…


Water falls into at least 4 categories – Artesian water, Spring water, Rain Water and Prepared water. Read Water Categories…


Almost all water needs to be purified in one way or another to make it safe to drink. But are they? Read Water Purification…


Some systems strip water of the essential trace elements, water is enhanced to be “healthy to drink”. Read Water Enhancing…

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