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How To Connect With Life Force Energy

To connect with something you must create that connection. Example, if you want to connect electricity to your home you must install wiring to make this possible. If you want to connect your stove to electricity (to cook) you must plug it in. In the same manner, to know how to connect with life force energy you must have establish 2 things as in these 2 examples. Wiring, is it in place? The plug, are you able to plug in? The answer must be yes to both questions before you can proceed any further.

Top 3 Ways To Connect With Life Force Energy

When looking at how connect with life force energy, it is important to understand that there are numerous ways and methods to do that. What differs is the effectiveness and what could be hindering an individual to connect. Here are 3 best ways to use to connect to life force energy.

Revitalized Structured Water

Use of structured water, like Vadiance Water Supplement, is worth mentioning as a standalone method to use to connect with life force energy. This is because water is the elixir of life but sadly the quality of water has deteriorated over the years due to pollution and contamination. In the end tap water is the norm (in the old days it was spring water, rainwater or fresh river water). However, tap water has very low vitality, even lower that the vitality of a average healthy person.

Aura Cleansing/Chakra Realignment

Are you wired right? By default you should be wired, however, due to life challenges that wiring may become affected with time and need rework for it to work again. Life force energy implies subtle energy bodies and body energy system. Therefore, the body energy system must be checked and fixed in order to function properly. It must connect to the universal energy source and at the same be able to channel this energy in, around and out of the body.

Subtle Energy Absorption Practices

In order to connect to life force energy you must do the activities that lead to that connection because as humans we do not connect by default, at least at the consciousness level we are at. One must do something specific to effect the connection. There are traditional and modern ways this can be done. At the same time traditional and modern can be combined. Normally when combined the results a far more significant than especially traditional ways.

What Is Vadiance Water Supplement

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Connecting With Life Force Energy

In most cases, a connection is best achieved by starting with either doing aura cleansing or chakra re-alignment. These are 2 sides of a coin doing either will automatically fix the other.

connecting with universal life force to enjoy life to the full

It is best, though, to start with an aura test or reading. An electrician will not come to fix your without testing it first. That is what an aura test will do. It will locate the problem areas to attend to first.

Traditional practices include yoga, qi gong, traditional meditation, mantras, etc. Modern ways include meditation with frequency enhanced music, listening to subtle energy technology, plus more.

Modern methods can also be used on their own and normally produce far better results than traditional methods. They are actually designed from these traditional methods.

Use of tap water for drinking and other chores is working against connecting to life force energy. In fact, it plays a role in hindering energy flow or blocking chakras.

To avert this, tap water or any water must be revitalized by structuring it. Structured water has more vitality and adds more life force energy to the body. This will make connection easier. Also see how to boost life force energy

Benefits Of Life Force Energy

The benefits of life force energy are numerous and they touch every aspect of our lives. When life force energy in someone is enough or more importantly well balanced, personal fulfillment and joy are imminent. Wellness, with all its concepts, is experienced. How To Access Universal Life Force Energy

Wellness is not only about health as at times it is misinterpreted that way. Wellness encompasses not only physical health but a totality of the following;

  • Physiological
  • Emotional
  • Mental & Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Vocational
  • Environmental

When life force energy is in balance in once body and life all of the above blossom and joy is experienced. If one is resolutely seeking help in any of the above areas, methods and ways to connect with life force energy must be part and parcel of the solution.

How To Increase Life Force Energy

Ideally, using ways to connect with life force energy inevitably leads to energy increase. However, the approach may be different because normally for someone looking at how to increase life force energy is not at the same level as someone who wants to connect. In most cases, the latter is embarking on the journey while the former is looking for ways to improve on what they are already doing.

If you want to increase life force energy you might introduce more life force energy manipulation methods. This include but not limited to more exposure to subtle energies, use of EMF blocking devices and using environment harmonizers, biofield tuning devices, etc.

Life Force Energy Manipulation

Life force energy goes where you direct it knowingly or unknowingly. It is also readily available around us like the air we breathe except that it takes a lot more than just breathing to connect and tap into it.

There are different energy manipulation methods that help us absorb this energy some of which are mentioned above. Bio energy absorption is similar to tuning to a radio station. The DJ is playing music or the news anchor is reading the news and you will not be able to hear anything unless you tune to that frequency.

if you do not hear anything, it does not mean the music is not playing or the radio station is closed. The frequency is already available and all you have to do is adjust the knob to that frequency and you will start to heat what is going on. That is the life force energy manipulation these different methods provide whether it is traditional meditation, listening to Solfeggio enhanced sounds, etc.

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