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Life Force Energy Manipulation

As weird as it may sound, life force energy manipulation is as ancient as the dawn of man. There are ancient practices that were and are still practiced to manipulate life force energy. Practices like Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage, Qi Gong, Yoga, Ayurveda, etc. are all traditional ways that are used to manipulate bio energy. Some are used for healing, some are used to wade off disease, some for peace and calm, some to achieve enlightenment or higher states of consciousness, etc.

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Life Force Absorption

Life force energy manipulation practices like meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, gi gong, etc. are used to absorb life force energy and build it up into the body (or these storage centers).

manipulating life force energy

These energy, when stored and moving around the body freely, will improve one’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, and in some instances help them attain higher levels of consciousness, experience mind or heart coherence with ease, etc.

Life force is the essence of life that flows through all living things, modern science can now quantify it, at least to some extent. Every living thing comes into being with a certain amount life force and this life force can diminish or be increased.

Life force has many subtle energies that old traditions and practices have been harnessing for centuries because they knew of the benefits of life force energy.

Bio Energy Absorption

Once harnessed, these subtle energies are manipulated by the body to augment and increase the inherent life force energy in the human body.

As an example in Yoga, breathing is one important aspect to be mastered in order to draw in Prana into the body. In Qi Gong, thought, slow movement and poses are used to absorb energy from the Universe and channel it through the meridians to be stored and distributed in the Dantians.

Dantians and meridians are of traditional Chinese medicine. Dantians are energy centers in the body. Meridians are pathways for these energies. These are equivalent to chakras and nadis in Yoga or traditions of Indian origin. Chakras are energy centers and nadis are energy channels. Life force is Chi in Chinese practices and Prana in yoga, Ayurveda practices, etc.

Drawbacks With Traditional Life Force Energy Manipulation Practices

Despite the desirable things a healthy life force energy buildup promises these traditional methods have some major drawbacks. The drawbacks with traditional life force energy manipulation include but are not limited to;

  • Patience – In most cases results are slow and take time accompanied by suffering and discomforts along the way .
  • Discipline – One has to adhere to a set of seemingly ritual instructions or strictly follow a code of behavior.
  • Long Practices/Sessions – One session would take a lot of time stretching to long hours often with discomfort.
  • Endurance – The process may be difficult or unpleasant but one has to go through with it.
  • Belief – Belief is a necessary and important ingredient otherwise the whole act will be futile.
  • Mystical/Spiritual/Religious – Some effectiveness on the practices or the practice by itself has mystical nature to it.

Despite these drawbacks these practices still, in this era, continue to see the light of the day because they work. Actually, modern day science is innovatively making improvements to some of them such that some are more effective with some modifications. See how to increase increase life force energy

Bio Energy Manipulation

The objectives of these practices are endless and some practices are all encompassing i.e. they are healing, provide peace, calmness, alter consciousness, etc. Most of them they work on or anchor on one premise that is the universe has life force energy and in different forms. These are subtle energies that are in and around the human body. And the energy related to the human body referred to as bio energy can be channeled and manipulated around the body.

Bio energy was found to have an aura or produce an auric field around the body, what science calls biological field or biofield. Ancient traditions used an aura of a person as a diagnostic tool because each tradition had its way of telling what could be wrong with a person’s life by just analyzing their aura or working on their state of being. Basically, diagnosis of an aura is based on the fact that physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health can be traced in the energy system through aura.

Bio Energy Aura

Aura is the body’s energy signature and a tell-tale of all. An aura reading can reveal, among other things, a sickness before it even becomes apparent. And any illness or potential challenge is caused by energy blockage. Energy is blocked in the chakras and nadis or the meridians as called in traditional Chinese medicine.

Aura is life force magic, well kinda! Those who are able to read and analyze can tell a lot about an individual. Aura used to be read by aura readers like clairvoyant individuals and psychics. Gradually science is embracing the existence of auric field and many alternative medicine approaches are more and more science based. Here are some examples just to name a few;

Bi-Aura Therapy

Bi-Aura Therapy is an advanced version of the ancient Bio-Energy healing which focuses on removing energy blockages in the meridians to balance the chakras for easy and natural energy flow in the body. It works on the basis that all illness is a result of energy imbalance.

Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance goes by many names; electrodermal testing, bio-physical information therapy, BIT, bio-energetic therapy, energy medicine, vibrational medicine, etc. It measures the frequency of energy wavelengths radiated by different body organs.

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