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Aura is a nearly invisible film of electromagnetic radiations emanating from the body’s subtle energies comprising life force. Aura can more or less likened to electric field around an wire conducting electricity or magnetic field that forms around a magnet. The main difference is the electric and magnetic fields are totally invisible while the aura is said to be visible.

Is Aura Real?

Not along ago, the mainstream science was pouring water on the idea of aura let alone that it is visible and can be read to tell a story about a person. It was a word associated with psychics and belief in superstitions. With advance in science this is changing and aura in now becoming a mere belief but can be scientifically proven that it exists.

Aura was not widely accepted in Science but now it is gradually being accepted since a lot of scientific based instruments and electronics have been innovated to capture a person’s aura. From a science perspective aura is biofield.

It was known to be only visible to a trained eye or to people with special abilities like psychic or who are clairvoyant. These are able to see aura colors and in some instances aura layers.

Now, it can be seen and analyzed using modern day electronic instruments. These instruments can see beyond colors and layers. The human aura or biofield can now be accurately used to diagnose a person even before the illness sets on. See

Aura Characteristics

Aura has colors and layers. It can be bright or dull. It can be strong or weak. It can be regularly shaped or not well defined. Aura or biofield has colors, layers, texture, shape, etc.

Aura Testing

An aura test is performed determine color or other characteristics normally for diagnostic purposes. Aura color, compared to other characteristics, is more common.

Aura Reading

Aura reading can be in the form of looking at aura test results and explaining what the aura colors mean. Aura has 7 main rainbow colors and each color means something unique.

Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing is more like a detox. When someone detoxes, it is not always that there is something dramatically wrong with them but rather they want to feel healthier again.

Aura Healing

Aura healing can be likened to fixing something. It is more or less like aura cleansing except that it may be more specific to a particular problem that might be experienced. Healing might be followed by cleansing.

Aura Protection

Aura protection is more like maintenance. That is doing things that will not negatively affect your life. It is like leading a healthy lifestyle to maintain the state achieved after an aura healing or cleanse.

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