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How To Work Your Aura

Aura is a reflection of the story of your life. Story in terms of metal state, health, physical and spiritual. A clairvoyant can tell you these stories or aura photography can help you to know about your aura or a GDV machine can analyze it. The most cost effective way to start is to take an Aura Test. Then you can know how to work on your aura.

What Is Your Aura

If you have been wondering about the term “aura”, it means the energy field surrounding the body. It is not a tangible thing but an invisible field that surrounds the body and has a life of its own. It is believed that the aura has a direct impact on the health and well being of the body. The aura can be affected by many factors like the state of mind, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, the environment, etc.

Broken And Damaged Aura Symptoms

When you feel energetic or relaxed, the aura looks bright and radiant. But when you feel tired, stressed out or depressed, the aura looks dull and drab.

How do you know if you have a good or bad aura? The aura colors will tell you how you are feeling inside. If you feel energetic, you will see a vibrant color. If you feel drained, your aura will look grayish.

Aura colors are determined by the frequency of light that passes through the skin. When the light is filtered by the cells, the frequency is reduced and the color changes. So, the color of your aura depends on the health of your cells.

Approaches To Working On Your Aura

There are different approaches to working on your aura. The best way to start is to know the color or state of your aura. When you know the color of your aura and know the meaning of your aura color, you will be in a position to know what to work on and how.

As an example, say you are normally sad. This is a feeling inside and no one has to tell you are sad, you will just feel or know it. Ideally, when you take an aura test, it must show that you have a lot of sadness in your life.

Preliminary Steps To Work On Your Aura

Option 1 -Aura Test

Know the color of your aura – you can know the color of your aura by taking an aura test, take a photograph using a special aura camera or have a trained aura reader read your aura.

Understand the meaning of the color – You can independently learn the meaning of aura colors to understand what your aura color means. Knowing your aura color will uncover certain things about you that you were not aware of and at the same time confirm some of those you are aware of.

Awareness in itself is a positive step towards correcting what you think may be a bit skew about you. As an example, you may be the type of person who gets angry quickly but not consciously aware of it. Once this behavior is revealed by your aura color, it may bring the realization that this is something that you can actively work on.

Seek advice of a trained Aura Reader – A trained practitioner can reliably tell you the meaning of the color of your aura and necessary steps to take to work on it.

Perform the necessary actions – An aura reader can give instructions to follow as a way to work on your aura. Or the GDV analyzer may show areas in your life you need to work on.

Option 2 – Aura Analysis

Know your auric field – your aura is not only defined by color it can also be defined by its shape, intensity and size. There is special instrument called a GDV meter that can reveal the state of your aura by showing your auric field.

Ways And Activities To Do To Work On Your Aura

  • Drink And Use Revitalized Water
  • Grounding
  • Biofield Tuning
  • Eating High Vibration Foods
  • Improve Interaction With Nature
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • High Vibration Music
  • Introduce High Vibration Frequency
  • High Vibration Promoting Activities

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