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Can Your Aura Color Change

    Aura or auric field is an indication of the state of mind (mental), health, physiology and spirituality whether these are balance or not. So the question, “can your aura color change” very often surfaces to understand what one can do if they are not happy with their aura color. The short answer is “Yes”, aura color can change and most importantly, one can pro-actively change it. Aura is simply a reflection, a result of, an indication!

    That is to say, if you are happy now your aura color will have a certain color that indicates that you are happy. A few moments later if something makes you sad your aura color will in turn change, in correspondence to your current state.

    Is Your Aura Permanent?

    However, that is not entirely true because aura color is also an indicator of one’s intrinsic character and being. An aura also bears the uniqueness and character framework of a person. A person’s aura has a distinctive defining primary color, which cannot change but either strengthened and nourished or weakened and neglected.

    Each individual has a unique character or demeanor that defines who they are. That character can either be suppressed or developed. When suppressed it will dull, weak and sometimes not very noticeable because it is too blended with other colors. When developed and nourished the color will be dominant, bright and strong. So in this case, the answer to question “can your aura color change” is NO because your aura colors also contain your color blueprint.

    How Many Aura Colors Are There?

    However, an aura is a blend or set of colors made of 7 primary rainbow colors. These are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. At the same time an aura has seven primary layers each corresponding to these colors and connected to 7 chakras.

    Aura is made of at least 7 auric layers and 7 primary rainbow colors. Each layer and color are connected to individual chakras.

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