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Aura Cleansing

It is rare to find an individual with a perfect aura. An aura is an indication of one’s state of mind, health, spirituality, etc. Rarely, you will find someone who does not need help in all or some of these areas.

It is common to find a person who has a problem with their finances or career or relationships or health. At least one area of their life needs attention. A step to rectify or mend any area of life can be regarded as aura cleansing.

What Is Aura Cleansing?

Aura cleansing is the act of taking steps to better areas of your life including but not limited to mental, health, spiritual and/or physiological issues. The approaches to addressing these areas are diverse. In addition, an aura cleanse can be passive or direct.

Some approaches, passive or direct, can be regarded as traditional, some modern, some spiritual, religious, etc. Some may even not be regarded as aura cleansing, mostly passive ones.

Passive Aura Cleanse

Receiving a medical treatment or running as a form of exercise or detoxing are not normally viewed as aura cleansing. However, in the concept of aura cleansing, they are. This type can be classified as passive approaches.

Mystic or Direct Aura Cleanse

Using an aura cleansing spray, incense, affirmations, taking an aura cleansing spray, using essential oils or crystals are direct approached to an aura cleanse. These approaches are squarely looked at as aura cleansing rituals. Simply because there is direct correlation between the act and the intention to cleanse the aura. Also one has to have a mystic belief or belief of some sort. However, one might ask, what is aura?!

What Is Aura?

Aura is an indicator of your physical, mental, spiritual and health states. Your aura is doorway to your wellness state covering these different areas of your life. To a trained eye, your aura or auric field will reveal imbalances or balances in your life.

An aura reader can see from your aura or auric field that you are struggling in relationships if you are, tell that you have an illness or chronic pain if you have, tell if your state of mind is healthy or not, etc. Your aura can reveal a lot of things about you.

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