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Aura, Auric Field And Biofield Explained

In most cases when one mentions aura one thinks of aura color or colors. It seems aura is synonymous with aura color which then leads to aura color meaning. However, this approach or status quo limits the aspect of aura and its implications.

This is partly because in the past aura was mostly associated with physics and clairvoyant people who could only read one’s aura in terms of colors. It was also thought of as a myth. But no more! With the advent of science aura extends beyond color and is far more revealing than what an aura color can from a clairvoyant.

What Is An Aura?

biofield explained

Aura is said to be nearly invisible cloud around a person (or a living thing like a plant or animal) and it is a result of subtle energy radiations from within the body.

These radiations have certain frequencies which create a subtle film around the body. This film is also referred to as auric field and in more scientific terms it is called Biological Field or Biofield for short.

It is no longer a question of whether a human being has biofield or not. It has been proven to the extent that it can be used to monitor or diagnose human health measuring or analyzing it.

Aura Research and Scholarly Articles

There are many scholarly articles and many researches performed around biofield aura. Here is an except from one of them;

Monitoring the Human Health by Measuring the Biofield “Aura”: An Overview

Prakash, Shreya & Roy Chowdhury, Anindita & Gupta, Anshu. (2015). Monitoring the Human Health by Measuring the Biofield “Aura”: An Overview. Various life processes in human beings involve physiological and mental activity. Interestingly, electromagnetic field is associated with such activities. Psychological perception of one’s environment or a person’s thought process induces characteristic electrical impulses in the brain. These signals travel throughout the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, creating the unique electromagnetic field of the organism that can radiate out of the body and is termed ‘Aura’ or ‘Bio-energy field’. Thus, this radiation field has the information about the individual’s physiological and mental status. Any changes in homeostasis, including parasitic infection, genetic mutation, arterial constriction, etc., will produce a corresponding modification in the bio-energy field that in turn would lead to various diseases. Thus, ‘aura’ gives the signature of the status of health prior to its manifestation in the physical body. Therefore, human health can be effectively monitored by measuring this radiation field. –

Aura In No Longer Mystical

Aura can be understood from different perspectives including esoteric or mystical perspective, or scientific perspective. Admittedly, science to always lag behind in acknowledging mystical phenomena but when it catches up, it becomes a different ball game. On the other hand, though esoteric or mystical philosophies tend to be always ahead of the curve, they are hard to believe or are dependent mostly on one’s belief system.

In other words, one has to take the word of their teacher, guru, psychic to believe or know mystical things. If an aura reader says you have red aura and this means this and that you just have to believe them. When a Yoga teacher teaches a yoga pose and explains what it does e.g. cleanse your aura, the first step is to allow your spirit to agree otherwise it might not work.

When science is involved, it is a whole new ball game. Belief is no longer a prerequisite. Every thing seizes to be spiritual or mystical. You no longer have to believe you have an aura and your aura can say certain things about you. You will actually see it printed out and its analysis will resonate with your experience.

Instruments like a Gas Discharge Visualization Camera (Biophotonic Imaging) can be used to show an auric field before and after a particular aura cleansing exercise like meditation. Differences will be shown as clearly as day and night with no wiggle room for doubt. Or an Aura Camera can be used in the same manner.

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