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Analemma Water Tube With Walnut Case

Analemma Portable Coherent Water Tube Walnut Case from New Earth Technologies
Aǹalemma revives your body by reviving the water you consume. Analemma water stick with walnut case turns ordinary water into full spectrum coherent water. It is a portable water structuring device that is easy and simple to use and clean. It can be used at home and small enough to be taken with to the gym, restaurant, in planes, etc.

Inspired by the powerful cycles of nature, our scientists designed Aǹalemma, a tool that transforms regular tap water into its super-charged, full spectrum, coherent state.

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Analemma Water Wand Video

Discover Analemma full spectrum coherent water
Refresh your water and your body today with Aǹalemma! Drink only the best water. To find out more go to: Use this Aǹalemma Promo Coupon for exclusive 10% discount: aqua10off
Discover Analemma full spectrum coherent water
Refresh your water and your body today with Aǹalemma! Drink only the best water. To find out more go to: Use this Aǹalemma Promo Coupon for exclusive 10% discount: aqua10off

Analemma Water Stick With Walnut Case

Make every sip of your water count with Aǹalemma. Feel the life hidden in water and enhance your life today. Analemma water stick is a structured water device that turns any water; filtered, bottled, reverse osmosis, mineral, spring, distilled, well water, etc. into supercharged full spectrum coherent water. It also works on any drinkable liquid like juice, wine, beer, etc.

What Is Analemma Water Stick With Walnut Case

Analemma water stick is a vial secured on a stainless steel handle coming with a walnut case for protection and aesthetics. The quartz glass contains full spectrum coherent water referred to as “Mother Water”. It is used to transform ordinary water to coherent water by simple stirring.

How To Use The Analemma Water Stick

The Analemma water stick with walnut case structures water by swirling it in water for 15 seconds or more depending on the volume of water. 15 seconds is enough for 8–10 ounces (230-300 ml). 35 ounces (1 liter) require 30 to 40 seconds of stirring.

You can apply the same ratios for any other amount of water. For example, if say you have to prepare 70 ounces of water (2 liters), swirl the Analemma coherent water tube for 60 to 80 seconds.

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Analemma Coherent Water Maker

Analemma Water Stick Specs

Aǹalemma Luxury Edition Material Specification:

  • Walnut case
  • Walnut cap
  • Stainless steel holder
  • Quartz glass vial
  • Full-spectrum coherent water
  • Silicone cap
Aǹalemma Size Dimensions

  • The Vial: 6.3-inch x 0.4-inch (160mm x 10mm)
  • The walnut case: 7-inch x 0.8-inch (170mm x 20mm)
  • The Box: 9-inch x 3.4-inch x 2-inch (230mm × 85mm × 50mm)
  • Weight: 19 oz (540 grams)

Does Analemma Water Work?

Rigorous studies have been conducted to test if Analemma water works. One test that stands out and can potentially answer those who peddle structured water hoax belief. That was the GlycanAge test explained here!

Analemma Water Reviews

Analemma users have raving reviews about how great this water is. Go to Analemma water company reviews here.

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Experience Analemma coherent water
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Full Spectrum Coherent Water

Ordinary water like tap water lacks coherence in its molecular structure. The H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Water is in this state is not in its optimum state to perform its duties of biological systems support effectively. Whether it is in the human body assisting in digestion, circulation, nutrient absorption, etc. These functions are performed but at a far less efficiency.

What Is Analemma Full Spectrum Coherent Water?

Water starts to perform well and effectively once in a full spectrum coherent state. This is when H2O molecules have attained a liquid crystalline structure. This liquid crystalline structure gives water stability and ability to have a remarkable influence on all living things (and inorganic things).

Through a simple process of swirling the Analemma water stick in the water, it radically changes the state of water by transforming the chaotic H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure gives it stability to have a remarkable influence on all living things.

Full spectrum coherent water is what is also called EZ water or H3O2 water as coined by Dr. Gerald Pollack. The founders of Analemma, Dolf Zantinge et al. coined it coherent water. There is context behind every way this type of water is called.

There are several other names like structured water, revitalized water, hexagonal water, etc. It seems the name comes about mostly influenced by the nature of research and outcomes. Many scientists and others have made research around water and different “new” discoveries have been made.

How ever many discoveries have been made, they all point to one thing: there is more to water than meets the eye – there is more to water structure! One thing is clear, its ordinary characteristics and properties change drastically once water attains a particular molecular structure. How that structure is achieved is influential in the extent to which water is able to display its abilities and hidden capabilities.

How To Make Coherent Water?

The display of these or apparent abilities and capabilities dictate the quality of the water. In the case of Analemma water, it appears to be one of the highest quality because it is structured water that lasts almost forever in this coherent state. The way in which ordinary water is transformed into this coherent state seems to produce very stable state.

One of the best ways to make coherent water is to use the Analemma Water Stick, with either a walnut case or stainless steel case.

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