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Analemma Coherent Water Tube

Are you ready to fully embrace all the benefits water can have for your mind and body? Create your new life with Analemma water.

Analemma Coherent Water Device

Make every sip of your water count with Analemma coherent water tube. Here is why you should get yours today;

  • ✓ portable structured water device
  • ✓ very easy and simple to use
  • ✓ can be used at home, gym, restaurant, etc.
  • ✓ safe and easy to clean
  • ✓ Plus more…

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How To Make Coherent Water Device

The Analemma water tube is a quartz-glass tube, with a stainless-steel handle, that is filled with full spectrum coherent water, “the mother water”. This is water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power. As soon as any H2O molecules come in close proximity to it they begin to rearrange into a liquid crystalline structure.

Analemma Supercharged Coherent Water
Pour, stir, drink – that’s just how easy it is to unravel all the hidden benefits of your water! If you have been wondering wondering “how can I make my own structured water?” today you have your answer. With this seemingly magic wand, it has never been easier.

With it, you can drink Analemma coherent water every time everywhere and anywhere you are. Regardless of whether it tap, reverse osmosis, filtered, mineral water or any type of water.

The device, though very fragile, can be taken anywhere with you where you go. It is truly portable! It is about 6.1-inch x 0.4-inch (155mm x 10mm) in size. In addition to having a stainless steel case or walnut case, it comes in a 9-inch x 3.4-inch x 2-inch (230mm × 85mm × 50mm) box with extra cushioned protection inside.

It is more convenient, if not the same, to carry than an iPad, purse or wallet or any fragile device that you may already own. It is as fragile as a pair of eye glasses – you cannot drop them. It can be carried around conveniently as a pen as long as you treat it as an expensive pen that requires due care.

The Analemma With Walnut Case costs a little higher than Analemma With Stainless Steel Case, other than the devices are exactly the same. No other one is stronger than the other. When ordering you may use this Aǹalemma Promotional Code for 10% off list price: aqua10off

Cheapest Way To Make Structured Water

Structured or coherent water does not have to be expensive. You do not have to buy bottled water in order to drink quality water. With this portable device you will have the best water to drink every time at a fraction of the cost of any purchased water. Below are some of the ways you can use it to make full spectrum coherent water.

  • Home
    When you are at home you can drink water straight from your tap. All you have to do is pour it into a drinking glass or jug, stir it with the tube for 15 seconds or more depending on the volume of water. The stirring is not complicated, it is the same as stirring your tea or coffee.
  • Cooking, Making Coffee or Tea
    Additionally you can use it to make coherent water for cooking, making tea, etc. Just make sure to stir before heating the water because the glass vial will break in hot water. However, research has shown that heating it up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius) will not affect the coherent structure.
  • Restaurant
    When in the restaurant, you do not have to buy expensive sparkled or spring water. Simply ask for tap water in a glass. Before you drink simply pull out your wand and stir.
  • Gym
    Whether you prefer to carry your water in a bottle to the gym or buy it at the gym, it makes no difference with the Analemma coherent water tube. If you carry your water with you, simply open your tap and pour the desired amount in a jug or bottle. Stir it with the tube. Just remember to stir longer than 15 seconds if it more than (8–10 ounces, 230-300 ml). 35 ounces (1 liter) jug require 30 to 40 seconds of stirring time.
  • On Travel
    The Analemma vial is truly portable and can fit in a carry bag. It can be carried with in the box or in the case. The box adds another layer of protection and is advisable to take it in the box if travelling far. And, rest assured, X-rays and scans will not affect Analemma water.
  • Pets & Plants
    Analemma water is full spectrum coherent water and is ideal for use in watering plants, giving it to your pets and consuming it as humans. This water supports all biological systems and with a one time purchase, it is the cheapest way to make structured water.
  • Juices, Wine or Beer
    Aǹalemma stick can be used on any room temperature drinkable liquid and get the coherent structure on the liquid.

Analemma Coherent Water Benefits

As seen above how versatile the Analemma coherent water tube is, it goes without saying that it would be a blessing to own one. Its benefits far surpass the price it is offered at. Due to its portability, ease of use and easy storage it means one can enjoy the benefits of coherent water without a sweat. Benefits of Analemma water can be divided into two categories; the common water benefits “101” and less known extraordinary water benefits.

Common Water Benefits “101”

Water has a purpose and touches our every day lives in many facets. It is used for drinking, cooking, washing, watering and many other different ways. When ingested through drinking or food, it facilitates many processes and functions in the body for improved health and proper functioning. The same applies to plants and animals.

  • improved body immunity,
  • improved digestion and nutrient absorption,
  • balanced emotions resulting in less anxiety
  • improved overall health
  • the water tastes much fresher and sweeter,
  • more hydrating

Extra Ordinary Water Benefits

Apart from the obvious well known water benefits, there are extra ordinary benefits experienced with full spectrum coherent water made with Analemma. When water is in this state its properties are restored and becomes more effective in doing what it is supposed to do. Ideally, that is how water should behave naturally…

  • noticeable revitalization of body and mind,
  • improved brainwave synchronisation,
  • upsurge of power capacity of water by 300%,
  • better body and mind coherence,
  • coherent water makes us more conscious,
  • and more…

Is Structured Water Hoax?

If water does experience what it does in today’s modern world, there would be nothing extra ordinary about these benefits. The benefits would be as common as a loaf of bread. However, because water has experienced so much damage from radiation to chemical pollution it is reduced to what it is today.

Ordinary water like tap water is nowhere performing as water should be. This is part of the reason water that has been revived to its intrinsic state is called by many fancy names. Rightfully so, for distinction!

Ideally it is the inherent nature of water to perform and bestow us the benefits listed above. The sad truth is that ordinarily available water is stale of those benefits. That is part of the reason so many people who have not experienced the full throttle of what we now call full spectrum coherent water or structured water. They call it a structured water hoax – a marketing scam!

More and more science backed by extensive research prove that this is no marketing scam but rather structured water is a real thing. It is healthy with countless benefits. Research has also suggested that it becomes H3O2 water in this state.

Analemma GlycanAge Study

What is interesting about the science and research behind Analemma is the use of additional methods to study or find out the effects of this coherent water. One particular study of interest was the use of GlycanAge test. This test determines, very precisely, a person’s biological age (in contrast to chronological age).

The GlycanAge test showed an incredible 1-12 years biological age reversal in in 18 of the 19 participants within only 3 months of drinking Analemma coherent water. Read the GlycanAge study here!

Is There Such A Thing As Structured Water – Direct Experience Needs No Convincing!

Research and studies have been conducted to reassure and prove that ordinary water is stale and damaged. And it can be restored. Once restored, the benefits are beyond our wildest dreams. It is a similar phenomenon to awakening, before one attains it, it is likely they will think there is no such thing as “Awakening”. Experience will change all that mentality and no convincing is necessary.

It is the same thing experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic. There were many naysayers. Some saying it is a hoax it does not exist, some said it was just like flu. That perspective changed dramatically once one got infected or directly affected. They did not need to be convinced with statistics or anything. First-hand experience alone was enough.

The same applies to how one believes whether structured water is a marketing scam or not. It is evidence that they have not used it or at least they purchased a bogus product.

Does Structured Water Really Work?

Again experience is the best answer but this does not mean reading and due diligence cannot convince an open mind. Structured water works according to how effectively structured it is. Structured water varies in quality depending on the method or ways used to achieve it.

Despite the varying quality, to determine the effectiveness, there is no denying that it works. There is enormous evidence and research around this subject, one of which is the GlycanAge test explained here!

Where to Buy Structured Water Tube

This coherent water wand is sold and supplied by New Earth Technologies Ltd. The Analemma With Walnut Case costs a little higher than Analemma With Stainless Steel Case, other than the devices are exactly the same. No other one is stronger than the other. When ordering you may use this Aǹalemma Promotional Code for 10% off list price: aqua10off

Analemma Water Promotional Code

Experience Analemma coherent water
Did you stop today and take time to do something good for yourself – make the first step with Aǹalemma water. Join the revolution and unravel all the benefits your water carries. To find out more go to: Use this Aǹalemma Promotional Code for 10% off list price: aqua10off

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