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Structured Water Device

Are you looking for a structured water device? Look no further for here is a list of some of the best water structuring devices you can use. There is a number of water structuring devices on the market today with different features and uses. Which one you choose depends on your intended use and maybe price tag.

Best Structured Water Device

A structured water device is designed or purchased with end-use in mind, lifestyle, convenience and budget. And not all water structuring devices are equal. Some come with more features than others, some are more versatile, some very simple, some make higher quality structured water than others. Not forgetting the price, some are on the expensive side. Here is a quick list of some of the top rated structuring water units to choose from grouped according to intended use. This list will help you make a quick decision or at least make you aware of what is out there.

Now having had a glimpse at some of the best water structuring units, let us dig deeper to show more options.

Water Structuring Device – Which One To Choose

If you are in a dilemma and wondering which could be the best structured water device for your specific needs, there is selection below. These are some of the top rated structured water units on the market, and the list will help you choose a device that is most suitable for your needs and budget.

There is a wide range of structured water devices ranging from the manufacturer to the application of the device. You have options to purchase installable devices or stand-alone devices. Mostly that will also depend on your needs and budget.

With that said, generally speaking water structuring units can be used as portable devices, used to structure water at the sink only, shower only, garden only or whole house water structuring.

The technology used to structure water influences the manner in which the device can be used, the extent of structuring and this implies limitations the device might have. And this is important to be aware of when looking for a structured water device.

When it comes to choosing which unit to buy, the dilemma might be which water structuring unit manufacturers are best, which unit is ideal for my situation, where or how to use the device. These questions are answered here. A choice of structured water unit is based on many factors and here are some key ones;

  • End use
  • Design
  • Price
  • Quality of structured water produced
  • Depth Of Scientific Research And Knowledge
  • Quality of the product
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of handling
  • Compatibility with existing products
  • Warranty
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Financing options

A word of caution: A water structuring device is not a water filter and it is advisable to always use filtered water or treated water that is already safe to drink. A water structurer is the last step after water filtration

A structured water device is not a substitute for a water filtering system (or water treatment method used like Reverse Osmosis). It augments a water filtering system or it comes incorporated into the system.

Portable Structured Water Device

A portable structured water device is perhaps an ideal starting place for anyone who wants to experience structured water for the first time. This is because a portable water structuring unit is versatile and adaptable in several situations. It does not have to be installed (permanently) and can be carried along to be used wherever you are to transform any source of potable water into optimal source of energy and vitality for your body.

Potentially it can be used anywhere you want to use water – drinking water, sink, shower, bath, garden, swimming pool, hot tub, etc. Also suitable for apartments, gardens, travel and more! Because of this versatility, it is normally a popular choice. However, there are different types of portable devices and you might need to be clear on which one you want.

Handheld Device
one of the best Aqua Energizer structured water devices
Wand Or Stick
the Analemma structure water device
Stand-Alone Device
The UMH Alpha is our compact standalone device

Structured Water Bottle

A water bottle is very important to have and carry along wherever you go. Most people have to form a nd a habit of drinking water and the best way to develop that habit is to carry water bottle. However, not any water bottle but rather a structured water bottle.

Depending on where you go or are, you may be limited in choice because there are not as many structured water bottles designed for every activity as there are with traditional water bottles. Ideal hiking, camping or sports structured water bottles are in short supply (or may not exist as yet)… Even so when you are in the wild and have to filter water before drinking.

This sort of limits you and in most cases leaves you the choice of carrying a water structuring device and a traditional water bottle. Where this situation is unavoidable here are some options of the best combinations.

Larq Movement Water Bottle is the best candidate and can be coupled any of the above portable handheld structured water devices. The Larq water bottle, among its many benefits, has an in-built water filter that is of high standard. You can literally draw water from a river and drink.

CarbonGene Model Z Odic Charger
one of the best Aqua Energizer structured water devices
one of the best Aqua Energizer structured water devices

Shower Structured Water Device

The next level device to own is a shower device. This is sometimes the next logical decision after experiencing the goodness of revitalized hexagonal water from the portable device. As noticed some portable devices are limited or they become more of a chore to make hexagonal water. In the example of the 3-in-1 UMH portable device you will have to always temporarily install it on the shower.

So it is better to have a dedicated device you can use for shower. As a tip gf you purchase a shower device, consider using it without the showerhead for a sometime – a week or two. This way you can experience the full force of structured water falling you like at a fountain decide if you like the heavy and direct stream of water. Later you can connect the shower head and compare the feeling. Some people stick to taking a shower without the shower head.

In the case where you have a bath, using a freestanding faucet with the device is also ideal. There are many benefits of structured water on your skin and hair such that using it for bathing or showering should not be an option.

Under Sink Structured Water Device

If the next unit after the portable device is not a shower unit, it is an under sink unit. This unit will make sure you wash your organic produce with structured water as well as cooking with it. At every turn of a kitchen faucet, out comes structured water.

Garden Structured Water Device

Get a structured water garden device if you have a garden and an outdoor hose. Your fruit will undoubtedly demonstrate structured water’s magic. One of the main reasons farm producers employ structured water in agriculture is that when you offer your plants structured water, they will reward you by providing you the best output. It is the perfect tool for farming, gardening, and outdoor watering.

Whole House Structured Water Device

Your home’s energy field is created by whole-house appliances. They influence every aspect. The harmonious energy that your Whole House Device emits will have a positive impact on all living things, including humans, plants, animals, and even appliances. You don’t need a shower, sink, or garden gadget if you have a full house device. For homeowners who are concerned about their health, vitality, longevity, and spiritual fulfillment, it is perfect.

Structured Water Filter

Structured Water Vortex Machine

Structured Water Device For Commercial Use

Structured Water Device For Agriculture

Structured Water Device For Swimming Pool

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