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Structured Water Hoax – Really?

Thinking or believing that the concept of structured water is a hoax is a misconception in itself. One does not have to believe that there is this thing called structured water you can actually experience it. How? You can test it, you can see the evidence even with the cheapest ways of making structured ways.

Evidence makes it no longer possible to think structured water is a scam

The question is structured water a hoax is gradually wearing off due to the immense evidence and more studies being conducted today than before.

Of course one might think structured water is a scam especially that there are many products claiming to structure water. What might be true is that some products that claim to structure water may be a scam but the concept in itself is not.

We will attempt to show how this concept is not a scam or a myth and how to know bogus structured water products. In our attempt we will take you through the thinking process which involves research, easy to do experiments to prove or test some of the knowledge acquired. We will also cite structured water research carried out by some renowned scientists. We will also share old ancient ways of structuring water (as we call it now)…

Of course some science behind structured water cannot be proven at home because expensive equipment may be required or more sophisticated environments needed to carry out tests. Like with any thing else this can be compensated by reading the science and understanding it the same way we know that Earth is round but we never tested it for ourselves.

Is Structured Water A Real Thing?

First one needs to understand the concept of structured water and actually understand it as a concept. This is because this concept has many names including but not limited to hexagonal water, revitalized water, photonic water, biowater, EZ water, H3O2 water, etc.

H3O2 Structured Water Concept

The concept of structured water is that this is water that has innate qualities restored. There is evidence to this qualities and such water possesses certain characteristics that can be measured, tested or determined somehow. So in essence the term “structured” is merely used to describe the concept and in some instances different terms are used instead… the ultimate aim being to describe this concept. (We will use these terms interchangeably to drive the point home!) Further, scientific research particularly done by Dr. G. Pollack,

The big question perhaps is “hexagonal water, is it true?” The best way to answer this question it be able to tell the difference between hexagonal water and ordinary water like municipal water. One way to distinguish between the two is to look at the quality, characteristics or properties and then compare.

Qualities, Characteristics Or Properties Of Water

The following qualities, characteristic and/or properties of water. These would differ from water to water depending on its treatment (as in municipal water), source (as in rain water, spring water, well water, tap water, etc.) These can be used to differentiate or determine the quality of water and hence be used to tell which water is better.

  • Hardness Or Scaling – water especially hard water forms limescale in pipes and fittings, on heating elements of geysers, electric kettles, etc.
  • Hydration – water is hydrating. It quenches thirst in people and animals. It makes plants rigid and fresh looking.
  • Energy & Vitality – Vitality or energy is what is felt when drinking water, the kind of energy one might feel from drinking an energy drink. Or the liveliness that might be seen in plants or animals the kind of energy displayed by young animals.
  • Odor & Taste – the odor and taste of water has a lot to tell about the quality of water.
  • pH Balance – pH can be measured and where it falls can tell a lot about the quality of water.
  • Aerobic Microbes – Water supports life and healthy water must have or support aerobic bacteria.
  • Chemical Content – Due to pollution or water treatment has detectable amounts of chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, etc.
  • Clustering – Water molecules group together to form clusters, the size of the clusters influence the quality and characteristics of water. Think fine salt and coarse salt!
  • Balanced Spin – Water molecules have a natural anti-clockwise and clockwise spin and this spin also determines the quality and characteristics of water. When the spin is reversed the water quality diminishes.

Now knowing some of the characteristics and properties of water that can be used to determine the quality of water let us briefly talk about those of structured water which we can later compare to other types of water.

Structured Water Benefits And Qualities

Water, in its un-tampered state, scores better than all other water when looking at the above. However, the intrinsic state it differs depending on the source and location but overall it should score highly and better than any other water.

Examples of water in its un-tampered state include rain water, spring water, well water etc. So some questions may arise. Questions like “is spring water structured water?”, or “is rainwater structured?”. The answer to both questions is a resounding YES. It is yes not only because they are in un-tampered state but also because they display qualities of what structured water is.

The answer yes also has some reservations because if the atmosphere is polluted the water will not be in its ultimate structured state or if the spring water is polluted it will lose its intrinsic qualities and cannot be deemed structured.

With some of the mentioned properties above it can be easy to compare different waters without much trouble or expenses.

Experiments To Perform To Determine Quality Of Water

One of the easiest ways to tick off and determine water quality at home is with;

Limescale Formation

Limescale does not form immediately you boil water but you can tell right away when boiling the water in a pot over fire or hot surface, using electric kettle, etc. If the water has some hardness in it you find the water will turn cloudy and later bubble with white foam on the surface as it boils. Cloudiness and foaming will vary. A further test is to do the same over a period of time and within a week the limescale should show on the heating element.

When you structure the same water and do as above, the foam won’t form and the water will remain crystal clear when boiling. Over time the scale will form but it will be a very thin layer forming over a longer period of time.

Is this proof enough that that is what structured water is. NO! But since you are comparing and a safer conclusion you can arrive at is that the latter water is better than the former.

Odor & Taste

Get water from a tap which has a particular odor (not chemical odor like chlorine or fluoride). Drink the water and also taste it. Then structure the water and see if there isn’t any difference in taste and smell.

Structured water should taste and smell fresher than before structuring. Again improvement in taste and smell as a standalone does not prove that the water is structured but it can help you notice that the water that went through the structuring process is different.


Another simple test that you can do at home is notice the difference in hydration levels of water before and after structuring. Water that has been structured will tend to quench your thirst and actually feel like it than before structuring.

Energy & Vitality

Yet another test is being mindful about your energy levels when drinking water. Notice what happens to your body when drinking unstructured water do this over time, a day to a week depending on how sensitive you are.

Then in the second round, the next day or following week, structure the water from the same source and notice what happens to your body. Chances are you will notice that your energy levels increase. One way of telling this is if you were the type of person who slept during the day you might find that you do not feel sleepy anymore. Or all of a sudden there increased alertness in you.

What To Conclude From These Experiments

This experiments will not tell or affirm that the water is structured but the differences should raise alarm bells. It will also be worthwhile to understand further the qualities or characteristics of structured water.

When we look at hardness, odor & taste, hydration, energy & vitality there is scientific research and explanation why that is happening. These signs point towards the behavior of structured water. There are several more tests that can be carried to confirm but at home, these are the simplest one can do.

You can do this DIY structured water methods or with purchased structured water products. And though the extent of structuring is not the same, the little structuring that would have happened should be significant enough to make distinguishable difference.

This does not mean if bottled water tastes fresh is necessarily structured or when softened water does form limescale is structured or when hydrogen water or alkaline water give you strength are structured. The key is to compare water from the same source and compare the before and after.

DIY Structured Water

To experiment with this you do not have to buy structured water products if you still skeptical and thinking of structured water as a hoax. There are free and even cheaper ways to structure water at home.

Making Structured Water Marbles or Small Stones
You can make vortex structured water with marbles or small stones using a funnel. See water structuring with marbles

Making Structured Water With Copper (Container or Sheet of the metal)
Or you can use copper or silver as a container or a sheet left overnight.

Making Structured Water With Sunlight

When water in a glass container is left in the sun for several hours it gets structured. See Water Structuring With Sunlight

Science Behind Structured Water

Apart from the above quick tests one can do to appreciate the concept of structured water, there is extensive research and science behind structured water and solid evidence for structured water for those who want to see to see.

4th Phase Of Water

Science discovered the forth phase of water. When water is in this phase it is sometimes called Gel water or Exclusion Zone (EZ) water. It is also said to be H3O2 molecules instead of H2O. And when it is H3O2 its structure become more organized hence the name structured water.

This discovery corroborated the existence of structured water in nature

Structured Water Technology

Based on natural ways water can be structured, several technologies have been innovated to mimic the way nature does it. Some technologies combine different methods of how nature structures water like using vortexing with magnets, or vortexing with using crystals, etc. Read Structured Water Technology

Structured Water In Agriculture

Use of structured water in agriculture makes convincing evidence for structured water in terms of its benefits to plants and animals. Controlled experiments have been done to compare crop yield, water usage, cost savings, and more…

Is Structured Water Real? – Further Reading

It is best to look at 2 sides of a coin in order to make an informed decision. Let us lay the cards on the table and level the playing field somewhat. Here is what can help you make an informed decision about what structured water is.

Naysayers About Hexagonal Water

Here are some websites that believe that structured water is a scam and granted they have their reasons.

Don’t fall for the snake oil claims of ‘structured water’

Is there a “fourth phase of water”? From time to time you might see people talking up the health benefits of so-called hexagonal water, or structured water, or exclusion-zone (EZ) water. As a professor of chemistry, I can tell you “EZ water” is nonsense. But let’s talk about what it’s supposed to be, and how it’s supposed to work. Continue reading here

TROUBLED WATERS Kourtney Kardashian ripped as ‘ridiculous’ & ‘out of touch’ urging fans to buy $2.5K filter to treat ‘chaotic water’

The description continued: “Essentially, structured water is water that is in its natural spring state. Have you ever tasted fresh water from a spring, glacial melt, natural flowing river, or mountain stream and it had a smooth, silky feel in the mouth and its taste was almost sweet?” The reality star’s $2,420 water filter promises to “magnetize water molecules” by “swirling—or vortexing—it” to make it more “structured.” The “Mayu Swirl Water Pitcher” also sells for $178 along with a “DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle” for $47. Continue reading here

Hexagonal Water is an Appalling Scam

THE WOMAN IN this video spent five hundred dollars on a machine that supposedly returns drinking water water to a more natural form. Just as the devil can cite scripture for his own purpose, scam artists sometimes use the scientific literature to back up their specious claims. In this case, they state that water molecules can arrange themselves into a structured or hexagonal configuration, which makes it easier to absorb and healthier… Continue reading here

Structure-altered water nonsense
There are more than twenty commercial products on the market that purport to alter the structure of water in order to help maintain or restore health, youth, and vigor. At my age I would not mind re-aquiring some of these myself, but as a retired Chemistry professor and habitual imbiber of tap-water, it disturbs me to see crackpot chemistry, pseudoscientific mind-mush and outright lies used to promote these products to consumers whose lack of scientific training leaves them unprotected from this exploitation. Continue reading here

Structured Water: Is It Worth the Hype?
Companies selling structured water make some extreme claims about its benefits. However, there’s no evidence behind them, nor is there compelling evidence that such a substance as “structured water” even exists. Regular drinking water, both filtered and from the tap, offers real benefits at a fraction of the price. Continue reading

Scientists explain why ‘structured water’ is a hoax
Structured water is called water with allegedly “changed in relation to the equilibrium with the environment structure.” It is being promoted as a “super drug”. If it’s not enough for you that all this sounds like nonsense to itself, then here are the arguments of scientists… It all started with the pseudo-hypothesis of Gerald Pollak, who argued that there are not three, but four states of aggregation of water. There is supposedly another exclusion zone (EZ) water, EZ-water. Continue reading

The Whats, Hows, And Whys Of Structured Water
Structured water has also been referred to as magnetized or hexagonal water. It is claimed that this type of water is found naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other sources of water that have been untouched by human processes. Because of its hexagon structure, structured water is believed to be healthier than regular water… The evidence behind structured water is underwhelming. Reputable sources conclude it to be a marketing scam… Continue reading

Wikipedia All Wrong About Structured Water Scam
We Are Setting the Record Straight – It was shocking to find that some of the internationally recognized, award-winning scientists we present at the Hydration Foundation appear on Quackwatch lists, even with demonstrated experiments supporting their published, peer-reviewed work in referenced and respected journals. Wikipedia also falls down on structured water science. They don’t reference or recognize important scientific work that is changing how we interact with water and how water interacts with us. Continue reading

Manufacturers of Structured Water Devices And Products

Is Structured Water Really A Scam?
The structured water industry is often, and usually, considered a scam by mainstream science. To be sure, scam artists are at work everywhere and the structured water industry is no exception. But having been involved in the biotech industry, I know how science wants to be paid before it gives an endorsement. Billions of dollars are paid every year to get the approval of the scientific community. Without it, you can’t make the big bucks. And that’s what it is all about. If the scientist doesn’t get paid, they do not endorse. Period. It is not about efficacy; it is about getting paid. Continue reading

Is Structured Water Real? – The Evidence is in Nature
Why do plants look so vibrant after a rain, but when they are watered with groundwater, it just isn’t the same? The answer is in the molecular structure of rainwater. You probably think of the formula for water as H2O, but the water in rain, rivers, and springs is different, it is H3O2, a form of water that is beyond liquid, solid and vapor. This 4th phase of water, between liquid and ice, is known by many names including structured water, EZ water, gel water, vortexed water, and hexagonal water and is known for its ability to store and release energy. H3O2, or structured water, is the reason why plants love rain; it is energized and hydrating, as nature intended it to be. Continue reading

All About Energized And Structured Water
Structured water is vibrationally repaired water – back to its natural spring water frequency state – where all water molecules can return to vibrating in a hexagonal grid. This hexagonal water can be received in our bodies on a cellular level and help to energize the water we are all made from. We experience an effect of “energy net savings” when we drink and treat ourselves with structured water. Deep intra-cellular hydration is possible with energized water and may be perceived as an energy increase. Continue reading

What Wikipedia Won’T Tell You About Hexagonal & Structured Water
Structured water is another term used describe water as it exist in its natural, energized state free from man-made corrupting influences. The term, “structured water”, although not really a fully accurate term is used to differentiate water in a corrupted state from water in a natural state. The concept of “structured water” is not presently recognized by modern science and thus not studied. In spite of a lack of research, processes that “structure”, “energize”, or “naturalize” water have been gaining in popularity as our water sources have become increasingly compromised by agricultural chemicals, industrial waste products and toxic water treatment practices. Continue reading

Structured Water Research

Structured water: effects on animals
This review focuses on the effects of structured water (SW) on animals when it is consumed on a daily basis. SW is liquid water that is given altered H-bonding structure by treatment with various forms of energy including magnetic fields and light. While most of the research has been conducted on ‘magnetized’ water, which has structure of short duration, recent research has examined effects of a SW with stability of at least 3.5 mo. A variety of laboratory and farm animals have been studied over the past 20 yr. Consistent (3 or more studies) responses among animals consuming SW for 1 mo or more include increased rate of growth, reduced markers of oxidative stress, improved glycemic and insulinemic responses in diabetics, improved blood lipid profile, improved semen and spermatozoa quality, and increased tissue conductivity as measured using bioelectrical impedance analysis. Continue reading

Study of structured water and its biological effects
The study of water structuring under the influence of different devices and biological effects of such waters requires the development of different methods. In this paper we are presenting results of the application of the Dynamic Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) Analysis based on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) method to study the structured water, as well as its influence to biological substances: food samples and sprouts. There are a lot of evidence that drinking structured water is beneficial for health.13–15 but not enough published research papers. This pilot study was conducted to check the validity of these claims. Continue reading

Water Science
The Pollack laboratory centers largely on the identification of water’s fourth phase, otherwise known as exclusion-zone water. EZ water has many applications in nature and technology. Among the natural applications, the lab lays special emphasis on the role of EZ water in health, including cell biology. There is also an historical emphasis on biological motion and the origin of life. Further, several technologies have emerged from the fundamental discoveries made in the laboratory, and a spinoff company called 4th-Phase, Inc., has been formed to pursue those technologies. Continue reading

Structured Water: An Exciting New Field in Water Science
Abstract: It has been reported that water at the interface of a hydrophilic thin film forms an exclusion zone, which has a higher density than ordinary water. The structured water or fourth phase water has a molecular structure that is arranged in a liquid crystal. This structured water appears to have a simulative effect on plant growth. Structured water is being used in agriculture, dairy, poultry, medicine and construction industries with unbelievable benefits. There was both qualitative and quantitative yield improvement. Structured water did not contain energetic toxins, bring forward high oxygenation states, increases energy along with regulates and balances the soil minerals at the same time exhibits anti oxidant properties. Continue reading

Influence of drinking structured water to human psychophysiology
Aim: The aim of the study was to study the impact of the consumption of structured water on the human body in normal environmental conditions during one month.

Materials and methods: The following techniques have been used in the study: study of body composition by bioelectric impedance; clinical and biochemical blood analysis; psychological testing; heart rate variability (HRV) method; Bio-Well GDV method. This study was an open, randomized, comparative study in which the main performance indicators were evaluated in 15 subjects – an experimental group using structured water – 1 liter per day for a month, compared to 15 subjects in the control group (using unstructured water of the same brand for a month). . Comparative tests were carried out initially and after 1 month.

Results: Both groups demonstrated an increase in the average concentration of hemoglobin in erythrocytes, which indicated an improvement in water-salt metabolism, which was due to the regular water consumption regardless of its structure. The experimental group revealed a significant reduction in total body weight due to reduction of fat mass; a significant decrease in creatinine levels, as well as an increase in glomerular filtration of the kidneys, which reflects the improvement of renal excretory function and a decrease in the level of endogenous intoxication of the body; the growth of HRV and Bio-Well GDV parameters reflecting parasympathetic activity and variability of heart rhythm and the decrease of parameters which reflect the degree of sympathetic regulation and centralization of heart rhythm. No such changes were observed in the control group, but there was a reliable negative dynamics of parameters for most of participants. Continue reading

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