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Analemma Coherent Water

Do you want to experience Analemma full spectrum coherent water? Aǹalemma can bring your water back to its pure coherent state.

Analemma Supercharged Coherent Water

Join the revolution and unravel all the benefits Analemma coherent water brings. The benefits include;

  • regenerating your body
  • brainwave synchronization support
  • Upsurge of power capacity of water by 300%
  • body and mind coherence improvement
  • Plus more…

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Full Spectrum Coherent Water

Analemma Supercharged Coherent Water

There is more to full spectrum coherent water than just the basic understanding that it is water different from ordinary tap water. Water, through hydration, is known to help with or enable many bodily functions like digestion, circulation, nutrient absorption and more.

Apart from the fact that full spectrum coherent water is water more efficient in carry out these functions tan normal water, the manufacturers of Analemma discovered that it does much more.

They discovered that water in this state possesses far more and better properties beneficial to all biological systems and inorganic systems that use water.

What Is Full Spectrum Coherent Water

Full spectrum coherent water is water in its natural liquid crystalline state. It is water that is in harmony with biological or harmonic systems. However, this definition must be taken in context as defined by the founders of Analemma, Dolf Zantinge and Dr. Eric Laarakker. See Dolf Zantinge Water PDF

How To Make Coherent Water

There are different ways and water structuring devices to make coherent water or structured water. These different methods make structured water of varying quality. Analemma water is unique and is backed by more than a decade of research and the founders claim that it surpasses any other device.

Analemma structured water is made using a coherent water wand called Analemma. The wand is simply used to stir the water for at least 15 seconds to allow for transformation before drinking.

Analemma Coherent Water Tube

Analemma coherent water tube changes regular water to supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. The stick has a quartz-glass tube, with a stainless-steel handle, filled with full-spectrum coherent water – “the mother water”. This is water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power and responsible for transforming any water (or drinkable liquid) to coherence.

This is a portable structured water device and can be used at home and on the go, whether on travel, to the gym, restaurant, etc. It can conveniently carried in small travelling bag. It can be used in water bottles, or any other containers for drinking.

This coherent water wand is sold and supplied by New Earth Technologies Ltd.The Analemma With Walnut Case costs a little higher than Analemma With Stainless Steel Case, other than the devices are exactly the same. No other one is stronger than the other. When ordering you may use this Aǹalemma Promotional Code for 10% off list price: aqua10off

Is This Another Structured Water Hoax

Some people who have not experienced structured water believe that structured water is a hoax. However, more and more science backed by extensive research prove that this is no marketing scam but rather structured water is a real thing. It is healthy with countless benefits. Research has also suggested that it becomes H3O2 water in this state.

What is interesting about the science and research behind Analemma is the use of additional methods to study or find out the effects of this coherent water. One particular study of interest was the use of GlycanAge test. This test determines, very precisely, a person’s biological age (in contrast to chronological age).

The GlycanAge test showed an incredible 1-12 years biological age reversal in in 18 of the 19 participants within only 3 months of drinking Analemma coherent water. Read the GlycanAge study here!

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Experience Analemma coherent water

Did you stop today and take time to do something good for yourself – make the first step with Aǹalemma water. Join the revolution and unravel all the benefits your water carries. To find out more go to: Use this Aǹalemma Promotional Code for 10% off list price: aqua10off

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