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Structured water is water that is life supporting and environmentally friendly with unique yet distinguishable qualities and characteristics. However, the word “structured” is conceptual and contextual at the same time. What does this mean?

What Does Structured Water Mean?

Structured water is a concept that describes the abilities of water
structured water explained – this is water that displays and possesses certain qualities that are only possible when it is that stare…

It is conceptual in the sense that it refers to water that can be likened to spring water, rain water and water found in “sacred” and special places in terms of quality, characteristics and properties. Water found in some of these “sacred” places is regarded holy!

On the other hand, it is contextual in the sense that the word structured is descriptive. It defines, describes or implies the orderly physical structure that water assumes when it displays qualities, characteristics and properties seen from the type of water mentioned above i.e. spring water, rain water, water found in “sacred” or special places (see structured water in nature section below).

Due to this contextual description, this type of water is called by many names. It has no official name though the properties, characteristics and qualities are consistent no matter what the name is. However, the degree of quality varies depending on the location or environment or how the structured water came about.

The Many Names Of Structured Water

Structured water has no formal or official name yet or common name like with RO Water, Filtered Water, Distilled Water. it goes by many names and for consistency we will call it “structured water” or use an alternative name where suitable. The many names come from wanting to show or describe its quality, characteristic or propery;

      1) how it came about or method used to make it (e.g. vortex water, resonance water)
      2) some people want to describe the quality it possesses (e.g. living water, alive water, biophoton water)
      3) some people want to describe the structure it attains (e.g. hexagonal water, structured water, etc)
      4) some want to call it according to the phase or state it attains (e.g. H3O2 water, gel water, forth phase water).
Full Spectrum Coherent Water
Hexahedron Water
Vortex Water
Revitalized Water
Biophoton Water
Resonance Water
Alive Water
Hexagonal Water
H3O2 Water
Solarized Water
Living Water
Energized Water
Photonic Water
Super Hydration
Activated Water
EZ Water
Gel Water
4th Phase Water

Despite this many names, it is in effort to differentiate it from any other water by describing its quality, molecular structure, etc.

Structured Water In Nature

Structured water, in the concept of quality, characteristics and properties, naturally occurs in nature and often times such water seems miraculous. Here is a handful of examples of structured water naturally occurring in nature;

Examples Of Structured Water In Nature

Some natural occurring water is structured and has healing properties, eg. Lourdes in the French Pyrenees, Tlacote in Mexico, Pamukkale in Turkey, Nordenau in Germany, Nadana in India, Liaoning in China and Yankalilla in Australia.

Rain Water
Lourdes in the French Pyrenees
Chinawa Mountains
Niagra Falls
Hunza Valley Water (Northern Pakistan)
Ganges River in India
Mount Roroaima, Venezuela
Zamzam Well
Miraculous Springs of Fatima
Liaoning, China
Spring Water
Tlacote, Mexico
Taos NM
Baden, Germany
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Georgia, Russia
Nordenau, Germany
Nadana, India
Pamukkale, Turkey

Properties, Characteristics and Qualities Of Structured Water

The properties, characteristics and quality of water differ depending on the physical structure, energy status of water, electrical and magnetic properties, chemical nomenclature and configuration as well as the physical and chemical components in the water.

Depending on how water is treated or handled its behavior or nature can be manipulated. This is because water is like a computer hard drive that stores data. The data in the hard disk can be deleted to store different data, it can be retrieved and viewed. Water is like that data (frequencies) in it can be deleted and new frequencies can be added/entrained into water.

Physical Structure Of Structured Water

By physical structure we refer to the physical arrangement or organization of molecules of water. The arrangement of the molecules tend to be more orderly and attain a hexagonal structure, when viewed in 2D.

Chemical Nomenclature & Configuration Of Structured Water

The chemical nomenclature of pure structured water is H3O2. Pure structured water is found inside and around our body cells and where that kind of water exists forms what is called Exclusion Zone.

Magnetic & Electrical Properties Of Structured Water

The electromagnetic property of water can be influenced (or introduced into water) by all or any of the following;

  • Piezoelectricity
  • Magnetic Fields – The Lenz Effect
  • Static Electrical Charges
  • Paramagnetic Fields

Energies In Structured Water

Water can receive, store and transmit energy. This energy also called life force (or orgone energy or the zero point energy) can be scalar energy.

Frequencies In Structured Water

According to Quantum Physics, everything has its unique frequency i.e every thing has energy vibrating at different frequencies. Frequency is actually what water receives and stores with the ability to transmit as well.

Since this is possible with water, specific frequencies can be entrained into water to give it a certain quality. Frequencies can be induced by playing sound at specific frequency. One of these frequencies that can be entrained in water is 432 Hz which is said to be beneficial to plants, animals and people.

The State Of Water In Modern Times

Living water is hard to come by these days due to industrialization and modernization. Demand for water far exceeded natural occurring water resources due to increase in population and advent modern day living. This change from the old way of living compelled the introduction of different ways to make adequate water available for consumption and usage.

With time, and in the sense of what living water is, it began to lose or one may say the water that now exists has lost most of its intrinsic characteristics due to current lifestyles. Most available water has lost its quality and does not perform the way water should inherently perform.

As new methods were devised and used to clean water to become drinkable and usable other unforeseen or unanticipated problems occurred. Treating water with the modern day methods of water purification actually “programs” in a way that is not life supporting. Water, just like a writable disk, will record anything “given” to it, store it and transmit it.

Natural occurring water has been programmed with life supporting frequencies. This is water from springs, rain water, etc. Today water structuring methods are available to “delete” non-life supporting frequencies to life supporting ones. What is needed is just to use your desired water structuring method just before using it.

An example you can install a whole house structured water device to re-structure municipal water that comes into you house. Or add one at the kitchen sink or shower depending on how you want to have structured water in you house.

The Science Behind Structured Water

There is a lot of science behind structured that corroborates the existence or the concept of structured water. A lot of renowned scientists includes Nobel prize winners and candidates have done research on water and came up with independent yet similar conclusions in some instances.

Structured Water Research

Here is a list of some of the renowned scientist behind research of structured water in their various capacities and areas of concern.

Dr. Gerald Pollack
Viktor Schauberger
Dr. Marusu Emoto
Jacques Benveniste
Henry Coand
Andreas Schultz
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
Dr. Marcel Vogel
Leonardo Da Vinci
Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi
Dr. Linus Pauling
Dr. Luc Montagnier
Dr. Martin Chaplin
Paolo Consigli
Dr. Vladimir Voeikov

There are many more people including scientists who have discovered the concept of structured water. Read Structured Water Research

Structured Water Evidence

More and more interest is developing around structured water. Interested parties including scientists and manufacturers are conducting structured water experiments in an effort to justify or prove existence of structured and its benefits. The evidence shows that structured water is not a myth or hoax as some people believe… the study may be at its infant state but there is no question about existence and benefits of structured water to humans, plants, animals and the environment.

Structured Water Experiment
Some structured water studies have also included some experiments. These experiments measure, test and or certify the concept of structured water. it is not yet possible, or as far as we know, to measure structured directly and comparing methods and before-and-after techniques are used. Some structured-ness in water is always available so there is no absolute way to test if water is structured or not except to note the level of structured-ness.
Structured Water Testimonials
There is no better proof or evidence that something works or exists than a testimonial from someone who has had first-hand encounter with it. Structured water products companies try as much as possible to authentically get testimonies from structured water users so that the word can be spread effectively. This is also to try to reach out to as many people and as convincingly as possible.

Ways Of Structuring Water

There are different ways to make structured water. Each method structures water to a different extents. The extent to which water is structured doe not only depend on the method but also other factors like the environment, what is in the water, etc. At the same time the water that has been (freshly) structured using one method as opposed to the other has a way to be handled.

Further, the extent to which water is structured is time dependent. In most cases, traditional water structuring methods take longer, sometimes as long as having to leave water to overnight. These traditional methods do not involve use of technology or use of a manufactured device. As an example structuring water with a copper sheet needs the copper to be left in the water overnight. And the water needs to be kept in a clay pot or something non-metallic.

On the other hand, modern or technology based water structuring is usually quick and instantaneous. One of the examples is using a structured water device like Aqua Energizer. It makes structured water ready to drink or use the moment the water comes out the other side.

Ways of structuring water methods include;

Crystals and Gemstones
Using Select Minerals & Rocks
Magnetic Field
Using Sunlight
Sound Entrainment
Infrared Light
Electrical Field Entrainment Technology
Biphoton Energy
Using Marbles
Using Silver
Using Copper

A copper water bottle can be used to structure water.

Black Mica – Biotite
Prill Beads
Energy Talisman
Sacred Geometry
Tensor String
Stirring & Shaking

Structured Water Technology

The above different ways of making structured water can be used, sometimes in combination, to innovate a technology that makes water structured, energized and revitalized. Some structured water technologies are patented or specialized while some are simple and common to use.

There are many different companies manufacturing structured water products in all designs, shapes and technologies. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating these products. They make products to make structured water for human consumption, for gardening and farming in general as well in the industrial and commercial areas. Read structured water technology

Structured Water Uses

Structured water simply replaces normal water for personal, domestic, pets, livestock, plants, fish tanks, environmental uses. So structured water uses are in no way referring to special uses as if structured water is sacred or something. However, uses of structured water or wherever structured water is used the benefits are phenomenal.

Personal Use

Structured Water For Skin
Structured Water For Weight Loss
Domestic Use

Swimming Pool
Agricultural Use

Animal Production
Commercial Use

Hair Salons And Spas
Restaurant And Hotels
Public Pools

Structured Water Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using structured water in different areas of usage. This includes, but not limited to the following;

Personal & Health Benefits

Structured water can be used at personal level. This is where you use structured water devices that are portable, easy to travel with or install inline devices for under-sink, countertop, shower or whole house. This will ensure you have access to this invigorating water whenever you drink, bath, cook, wash vegetables or water your garden…

Domestic & Household Benefits

If you did not know that it is possible or how to make structured water at home you will be pleased to know it is much easier than ever and cost effective even. The reason we drink bottled water is because we know water from the tap needs further improvement for optimal health benefits. sadly we cannot use bottled water for other household chores…


Agricultural & Farming Benefits

It does not matter whether you run a dairy farm, piggery, have poultry or into irrigation where you have an orchard, vineyard, a vegetable garden at a larger scale, structured water will give you amazing results. Simply use one of the structured water devices for agriculture…

Commercial & Industrial Benefits

Structured water usage is diverse and who would think it has no place in the industrial space?! First and foremost if you run a business like a coffee shop, restaurant, Pool and Spa, etc. Let you clients taste the goodness of this water, they will keep coming back…


Structured Water Companies Around The World

Around the world different companies make water structuring devices or use different methods to structure water. These companies include;

Natural Action Technologies Structured Water
UMH Structured Water
Greenfield Water
Somavedic Structured Water
Crystal Blue Structured Water
Aqualiv Structured Water

Structured Water Australia, Structured Water India

Structured Water Products

There are different ways of structuring water and structured water companies have found innovative ways to make these products. They come in different names and makes. You can have a stand alone units, inline installation devices, installation systems, pendants, discs, etc. Here are examples of the products out there on the market today employing different technologies.

Structured Water Devices
The most common devices or units are water structurers that use or have vortexing as one of the ways to structure water. Vortexing is not the only way water gets structured but it is the most common and is natural as is evident in the rivers and waterfalls. Most of these devices are designed to be like water pipes or funnels where water can run or vortex through. They might as well be referred to as water vortexers. However, in many cases they combine various other water structuring methods.

Examples include;

Aqua Energizers

An Aqua Energizer structured water device is designed to promote optimal hydration by revitalizing water and raising its energetic frequency. Each unit is made with quality materials of copper, crystals and minerals.

UMH Structured Water Devices
NAT Devices
Greenfield Handheld Water Vortexer

plus more….

Structured Water Systems
Structured water systems are products that combine different water treatment methods into one multi-faceted system. This kind of products do not only structure water but might also be filtering, physically adding minerals, etc. In other words they combine the common ways of treating water with water structuring and doing this as one unit instead of having different units. However, one can create their own system by combining different units and line them up in the best configuration for better results.

Such products include;

Jivara Mountain Spring
Ophora Water Systems
Greenfield Water Treatment Systems
Atla Water System (formerly Aqualiv)

plus more…

Structured Water Gadgets
These are the simplest form of water structurers in that they use one form of water structuring. These could be sound, frequency technology, scalar energy or magnets.

This lot includes;

Bio Disc
Hard Water Softener (uses magnets)

plus more…

Structured Water Machine
In most cases a machine involves moving power and at times use of electricity. So this class of water structurers involve use of electricity and moving parts. Technology used for structuring water may also involve many methods.

These include;

Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Water Maker
Duet Water Revitalizer

plus more…


Other Types Of Water Structuring Products
The core of structuring water or turning ordinary water to living water that is vibrant with energy is the fact that water tends to be receptive to anything around it (when in a certain state). Being receptive in this way, it is able to store the energy or resonant energy emitted by anything around it. Generally, water responds to the environment.

Subtle energies at certain beneficial frequencies can be introduced into water in different ways. When water absorbs and stores these special frequencies it automatically gets structured or gets filled with vital energy. These may also be called harmonization.

Structuring Water Products Applications

The structured water products are made to be used in one or to cover different areas of our lives. A product may be manufactured to for one specific need or cover a wide range of needs in which case it would be versatile. Here are some of the applications where structured water products can be used.

Kitchen (under-sink, counter-top)
Whole House

Read Structured Water Products

Some Common Questions About Structured Water

Structured water as a concept is not widely well understood and there are many questions that arise for better understanding. At the same time this lack of understanding gives rise to a lot of doubt to the extent that some believe structured water is a hoax or a myth. A marketing strategy used by water structuring products manufactures for sales.

How To Measure Or Test Structured Water

It can be determined if water is actually structured water. At the same time water does not turn into structured water to the same extent, it depends on the method or the way it got structured. Different parameters can be measured to measure structured water including but not limited to the following;

Surface Tension
Bacterial Content Test
Bovis Biometer
Dissolved Oxygen Test
Kirlian Photography
Water Testing

Read How To Measure Structured Water?

How Structured Water Compares To Other Types Of Water

Structured Water vs Hydrogen Water
Structured Water vs Alkaline Water
Structured Water vs Oxygenated Water
Structured Water vs Remineralized Water
Structured Water vs Reverse Osmosis Water
Structured Water vs Distilled Water
Structured Water vs Filtered Water
Structured Water vs Normal Water

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