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Analemma transforms regular tap water supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent water. H2O molecules flow erratically and chaotically in ordinary tap water. Analemma transforms water’s state through a straightforward process that involves rearranging the molecules of H2O into a liquid crystalline structure. All living things are remarkably influenced by that structure and its stability.

Analemma manufacturers used a novel approach utilizing cutting-edge research to assess your biological age and health through new biological indicators called GlycanAge to investigate the effects of Analemma water on human health. And the results were astonishing. All of the participants except one experienced 1-12 biological age revitalization within only 3 months of drinking the Analemma water.

GlycanAge claims that their test is the most precise indicator of biological age and health currently available. It might be a very helpful tool to determine the level of wellness and health. GlycanAge are the world leader glyco-science. Their distinguished researchers are at the forefront of molecular biology and biochemistry. They have researched aging for more than 20 years and have published the results of their research in more than 120 scholarly journals.

The structured water concept is mostly the same among all manufacturers, however, there are some intricacies that indicate how complex and deep the subject of water is. The way Analemma manufacturers approach or make their device is very different from how Aqua Energizer device is made, the same with Vadiance water.

Their differences are as wide as differences in various car models. Yet all cars use the same road, they move, they are driven, they are turned on, etc. The basic concept behind a car is the same whether it is a luxury car or not. So is structured water by different water structuring devices.

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