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Aqua Energizer – The Certified Structured Water Devices

 designed to promote optimal hydration by revitalizing water and raising its energetic frequency
Aqua Energizer is a brand of water structuring units supplied and manufactured by The Wellness Enterprise, whose vision and motto is “We envision a world where humans live in harmony with one another and the Earth, in right relationship with water. In this world, people will honor water and in so doing people will be supported with oneness and love.”

The Wellness Enterprise are first of the few enthusiasts to spread the word about structured water and distribute structured water products to consumers. Before manufacturing and retailing the Aqua Energizer devices they were distributors of Natural Action Technologies and UMH structured water devices. These devices inspired the birth of Aqua Energizer units.

The Aqua Energizers work using the same or some principles used in the other devices with some enhancements and innovations. They use a combination of vortexing, frequency entrainment and more to produce devices that have been certified to make H3O2 water.

Aqua Energizer quick connect water structuring unit

Aqua Energizer Quick Connect Structured Water Unit

The Aqua Energizer Structured Water Quick Connect Unit is a more flexible device that can be installed using a 1/4 inch flexible tubing and copper tubing that are part of most water filters. It can be connected to your traditional water filter or used at your separate drinking faucet, refrigerator drinking dispensers and after reverse osmosis filters.

With the Aqua Energizer Quick Connect device connected where you prefer, you are sure to have structured water whenever you want it.

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