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Natural Action Technologies

The Natural Action Technologies, founded by Clayton Nolte, is US based company that manufacturers water structuring units that mimic the action of rocks on water in nature. When water travels along in a river or flowing down a hill it gets tossed around, swirling, vortexing and spinning. As this happens it gets structured naturally. At the same time these water vortices are also cleaning the water.

Natural Action Technologies

Technology used in a Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Device
A Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Unit emulates Nature through vortex motion and materials.
A Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Unit emulates Nature through vortex motion and materials. In other words this behavior gives flowing water the ability to self clean itself, re-energize itself and the environment. This is a natural process how nature designed it. Mimicking it would produce similar results.

Clayton Nolte and his team designed and emulated this vortexing through their products. Natural Action Technologies utilizes a specific geometric flow form that balances the vortex motion with in the water. Not only that, they have also implemented rare and proprietary materials with in the flow form. All matter in nature has a vibration, each vibration being unique to a particular material.

It is through these vibration inherent to all matter that their life supporting properties are transferred into water without physically adding anything to the water. This is called “passive water treatment” and it effortlessly changes the organizational structure of water to a more organized structure. This organized structure subtly alters the energies and properties in the water to improve and restore natural functions.

NAT Compared To Other Manufacturers

The technology used by NAT to revitalize water is in principle similar the used by manufacturers like UMH, Greenfield Water Solutions, Aqua Energizers, Alive Water, etc. The concept behind is about mimicking nature.

It is different from how, say, Analemma water and Vadiance water are made. Interestingly, resulting can be described as structured water

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