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    UMH - Umwelttechnologien Mit Herz

    UMH – Environment-Technologies With Heart

    UMH is Austrian and stands for Umwelttechnologien Mit Herz meaning Environmental Technologies with Heart. UMH manufactures water structuring devices and EMF protection devices.

    UMH Structured Water Devices

    UMH has been offering its patented and perfected water structuring technology based on Viktor Schauberger principles using resonant frequencies to mimic the principles of nature, since the 1980s. UMH manufactures long-lasting water structuring devices for personal, residential and business use, using high-quality materials (24k gold, quartz crystal, borosilicate glass, etc.) and Austrian-German engineering.

    Portable Water Structuring Devices

    Portable water structuring devices are designed for your active lifestyle. They are meant to provide you with energized and vitalized water whenever you are mobile or on the go. They can be used in the home, office or in travels at your convenience..

    Portable Units
    For Travel: UMH Live;
    Stand Alone: UMH Alpha | UMH Delta

    Home Water Structuring Devices

    UMH water structuring devices for home use are specially designed to restructure water for the whole house or at the sink or shower. These are inline units that are installed and stand-alone units that are movable and can be placed anywhere in the home.

    Inline Installation Units
    Whole House: UMH Master Home
    Under-sink: UMH Pure;
    Shower: UMH Live;
    Portable Units
    Stand Alone: UMH Alpha | UMH Delta

    Commercial Water Structuring Devices

    UMH commercial water structuring devices are inline units designed for medium to high flow rates that are specifically developed for commercial use. They are idea for use in coffee shop, juice bar, hair salon, healthcare practice, hotel, farm or ranch.

    Inline Installation Units
    For Business: UMH Diamond | UMH Master Home | UMH Pure
    For Industry: UMH Master Pro 2.5 | UMH Master Pro 2 | UMH Master Pro

    UMH EMF Protection Devices

    EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Radiation Protection – UMH has been promoting their unique patented and perfected EMF protection technology devices since the 1990s. An EMF device dramatically lowers radiation exposure by converting harmful left-turning waves into beneficial right-turning waves. The EMF protection devices (discs) are produced from 99.9% German clear quartz crystals that have been sustainably refined to 99.9% pure. These UMH quartz crystals have the densest and greatest active protective field available. They are synthesized a process similar to that used to make synthetic lab diamonds.

    Cell Phone EMF Protection

    Personal EMF Protection

    Home EMF Protection



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