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Aqua Energizer Devices From The Wellness Enterprise Super Store

If you are looking for one of the best structured water brands, you cannot go wrong with the Aqua Energizer devices. The devices are designed to promote optimal hydration by revitalizing water and raising its energetic frequency.

Aqua Energizer Water Unit

The Aqua Energizer structured water devices are certified to produce H3O2 Water.
Each device is;

  • ✓ scientifically verified to produce H3O2 Water
  • ✓ making water that is highly hydrating
  • ✓ proven to revitalize water
  • ✓ confirmed to raise water energetic frequency
  • ✓ enabling water to neutralize toxic compounds
  • ✓ etc…

Aqua Energizer Structured Water

Aqua Energizer structured water is water from an Aqua Energizer structuring water unit. It is certified to be or have H3O2 water molecules, the cornerstone water phase that underpins what structured water is. This is the phase that was uncovered by Dr Gerald Pollack of Pollack Lab, University of Washington. It was identified as the fourth phase of water, as opposed to the 3 already known phases being vapor, liquid and ice. Science has established that H3O2 water is in all living cells, including human cells, and fruits and vegetables.

Once water passs through an Aqua Energizer structured water device any toxic compounds are transformed into non-toxic states. That is another property of H3O2 water which Dr. Jerry Pollack found out that water in the structured or 4th phase controls contaminants.

Aqua Energizer water has been verified to be highly revitalized when measuring life-force vitality or CHI using a Bovis Biometer. It boosts unprecedented 35,000 to 95,227 BE units. Bovis Scale measurements are commonly used in measuring the vitality of food. According to Dr Robert H. Steelooper, “the Bovis value of food is very important for humans, since the absorption of food below the threshold of 7.000 BE costs potency. When the food has a value over 7,500, it can be considered to provide power and is good for us. When a food has a value greater than 9,000, it can be considered purifying and even therapeutic.” See Bovis, A Test For A Good Diet And A Delicious Lifestyle

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Device Uses

These devices come in different sizes and sizes adaptable to various applications. They are used or installed to make structured water for agricultural purposes, household tasks like in the shower, sink, garden or whole house. There are designs also for personal uses including using them when traveling, on the move, etc. Aqua Energizer irrigation has also shown to yield some positive results.

Aqua Energizer quick connect water structuring unit

Aqua Energizer Quick Connect Structured Water Unit

The Aqua Energizer Structured Water Quick Connect Unit is a more flexible device that can be installed using a 1/4 inch flexible tubing and copper tubing that are part of most water filters. It can be connected to your traditional water filter or used at your separate drinking faucet, refrigerator drinking dispensers and after reverse osmosis filters.

With the Aqua Energizer Quick Connect device connected where you prefer, you are sure to have structured water whenever you want it.

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