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Aqua Energizer Structured Water

Are you looking for best water to drink for health, hydration, clear skin, your body, pets, plants? Your search ends here with Aqua Energizer structured water!

The Aqua Energizer structured water is water with unprecedented qualities, far superior than tap water, your normal filtered water, ro water, etc. Here is a glimpse of some of its qualities;

  • ✓ certified to produce H3O2 water
  • ✓ crisp, clean and supercharged water
  • ✓ promotes optimal hydration
  • ✓ high vibration water – 35K to 95K BE
  • ✓ bio-available mineral information
  • ✓ Schumann resonance frequency infused
  • ✓ Inactivates toxins
  • ✓ etc…

Structured Water From Aqua Energizer Device

Aqua Energizer water is water structured from an Aqua Energizer device. The same way one would call water straight from a tap, tap water.

However, the important thing to note is that this would not be ordinary water but rather structured water. It is revitalized water with increased vibrational energy, infused with Schumann resonance frequency and mineralized virtually producing water that has optimal hydration and with enhanced other benefits associated with water.

Structured water from an Aqua Energizer unit is certified to be or to have H3O2 molecules. This validation wad performed by HyFo Lab, LLC. The HyFo Lab testing protocol is based on training and inspiration from the Pollack Lab, University of Washington.

Dr Gerald Pollack identified H3O2 as the fourth phase of water. Beyond vapor, liquid and ice, the fourth phase of water, also Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, is found in all living cells, including human cells, and fruits and vegetables.

What Is Structured Water?

coherent revitalized water devices by Aqua Energizer
Structured water is more of a concept rather than a formal or scientific name given to water that behaves in the manner “structured water” does.

This concept is not yet widely embraced as any other science theory is. It is still new in terms of scientific research but as ancient as some indigenous cultures.

In order to define what structured water is, it is best to explain it by giving examples and comparisons rather than immediately define it from a seemingly scientific point of view.

This way it would be in non-technical language and it will bring out the concept in plain sight better than the scientific approach. This will also bring about an overlooked perspective that those who think structured water is a hoax.

Structured Water Is Water In Its Pristine State

In ancient times and in areas where water pollution is minimal and modern water cleaning methods are not rife, water can exist in its pristine state. When rain falls, rainwater can be used for drinking and cooking. Simple boiling is all that is required to bring to the state of human consumption.

The same goes for spring water or water from the rivers. Minimal and traditional cleaning of the water is adequate to bring it to a drinking state.

Drinking and cooking with rainwater, spring water or water freshly fetched from a flowing river may not immediately show how different these waters are different from city water or tap water. The differences might have to be studied and researched for a span of time. However, there is undisputable difference between tap water and rainwater that will make this concept very apparent.

Qualities Of Aqua Energizer Structured Water And Benefits

The Aqua Energizer is one of the best water structuring products available on the market today. This is because it has some unique design to it that makes the structured water from the device way more quality than with most other devices.

There is more to structured water. And structuring water in itself opens way more possibilities to how to enhance the quality of water even further. Structured water is like a highly volatile medium ready to absorb and store any life supporting energy or frequency possible.

These possibilities are up to the water structuring unit manufacturers as a challenge to how to harness them. The manufacturer is free to be as innovative as possible especially as the knowledge about structured water science continues to grow and become easily accessible.

The Aqua Energizer water structurer manufacturer did not wince from taking advantage of these endless possibilities. Here are some of the benefits of using an Aqua Energizer unit to structure water;

High Vibration Water

Food we eat and water we drink have energy ((as with everything else) and this energy is also called life force or CHI. It is also described as vibrational energy. And it can be measured using an instrument called Bovis Biometer and is expressed in BE units.

When eating food or drinking water with higher vibrational energy than your body, the food or water will add to the energy in the body if your body has higher energy it will loose this energy to the food or water ingested in body. This is the same with any living thing plant or animal. When a plant if watered with water that has lower vibrational energy than itself it will loose its energy to the water.

These energy losses are subtle and effects do not show immediately to an eye that is not keen. However, to someone who is aware or has this knowledge will clearly see and observe it. As an example, say you use tap water to water your garden. Granted, your vegetables will sprout and grow. That is a given! But have you noticed a difference when it rains? Suddenly they are greener, seem to be more plump and you can take a bit longer before watering them again. Why?

Part of the reason is the vitality or life force in rainwater. That is why the plants appear more alive after rain. Another observation is sprouting of vegetation after rainfall. You will not get the same results even if you leave the tap running overnight. These differences are not apparent until pointed out.

A person with average health is estimated to be 14,000 BE units

Vibrational Energy Determined By Bovis Biometer

The Bovis Scale, often known as the Bovis Biometer, is an instrument for calculating the life-force energy of all living organisms and geographical locations. In the structured water business, Bovis meter data have been employed to better comprehend the phenomena at hand.

Bovis Scale measurements below 5000 are considered healthy, while those above 10,000 are considered holy. Tap water normally measures around 6,000, spring water 17,000, and the water in Lourdes, France, which is regarded to be “miraculous,” measures around 27,000.

Bovis tests done on Aqua Energizer water measure between 35,000 and 95,227. This says a lot about water structured by the Aqua Energizer unit.

Schumann Resonance Water

Aqua Energizer water is infused with Schumann resonance frequency and this is significant because being exposed to this frequency can potentially alleviate some health issues, improve sleep, reduce the irritating effects of EMFs. However, scientific research in this area is still in its infant stage and some claims have to be confirmed scientifically, as with the subject structured water, and due diligence is absolutely necessary for one to make informed decisions.

Mineralized Water

Mineralization is the process of making minerals bioavailable through science. The AQUA ENERGIZER modifies the oxidation state of minerals in water, making them bioavailable by converting them from undissolved to dissolved. AQUA ENERGIZERS also imprint a wide spectrum of trace mineral frequencies onto water.

Enhanced Healing Properties

Copper vessels have long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to contain water, and practitioners think that this metal is crucial in balancing the doshas. Copper has been used to filter water for thousands of years because of the oligodynamic effect, which allows it to destroy dangerous germs, fungi, and bacteria.

Copper also has medicinal powers, according to the Ayurvedic tradition. Copper is one of the earliest examples of trace mineral supplementation in the human diet. Many Ayurvedic practices have been backed by modern scientific study, which has demonstrated that copper can help with cardiovascular health, neuron signaling, immune system boosting, and collagen creation.

Neutralizes Toxins

AQUA ENERGIZERS enable water to convert hazardous substances into non-toxic forms. Dr. Jerry Pollack’s study has been confirmed by new test results, which show that water in structured state or fourth phase controls pollutants. Water is the universal solvent, designed to help nature restore itself.

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