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Structured Water Companies

Structured water companies manufacture prosucts that structure water

The companies for structured water products aim to provide the market with options and products to have structured water readily and cheaply…


H2O Benelux Water Structuring Devices

H2O Benelux is a Belgian company using a unique water structuring technology combining filtration, structuring and revitilization. They offer 2 different units – Filter Aquaphor and Dynamizer GIE which are placed after the water meter from the main water supply.

These units, work in combination to transform tap water into pure and dynamized water for the whole family and house. This means these two make a whole house water systems that will make water readily available every time you turn on a tap for drinking water, coffee, tea, showers, baths, cooking, laundry, etc.

The Filter Aquaphor is a specially designed filter. It uses selective filtration to only remove the pollutants in the water but leaving the structure and composition of water intact. In essence it does not make structured water but filters and purifies it.

This is an excellent alternative to reverse osmosis systems which use ultra-filtration methods that strip water off everything and at the same time destructuring the water making it loose its inherent energy. Below is a link if you want to know

The Dynamizer GIE is the revitalizer, it is the water structuring unit after the water has been filtered and purified by the Filter Aquaphor. It combines two methods of structuring water – vortex and magnetic field.

H2O Benelux Water Structuring Company
For more details about H2O Benelux units, click here.

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