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Is Spring Water Structured Water?

    Is Spring Water Structured Water?

    The question “is spring water structured water?” is one other popular question that may show confusion among people. The short answer is, yes, spring water is structured.

    Is Spring Water Structured Water

    Spring water is structured water by virtue of its source and path. Before spring water becomes spring water it would have traveled and fallen down the hills, waterfalls or rocks. As it comes in contact with the rocks spinning and creating vortexes, it gets structured by default. By the time it reaches the surface at the spring it is already structured, naturally.

    By its very nature when water vortexes by swirling due to contact with surfaces it gets structured, unavoidably that is what happens as it flows down from a waterfall or along a rocky stream into a spring. This is what takes place in nature, it is just natural that way.

    Yet again, the extent of structuring will vary from stream to stream and that can be measured by using a GDV machine or determined by measuring the surface tension of the water.

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