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Structured Water For Agriculture

Imagine having access to rain water every time you water your crops or any time your livestock drinks water it drinks rain water? And if you are not next to a spring using structured water for agriculture is what you should strive for and achieve. Farming with structured water would improve crop yield and cut operational costs.

Structured water farming – watch the following video to learn how farming with structured water can increase crop yield and at the same time reducing the water bill and other costs.

Try Aqua Energizer Strutured Water
Try Aqua Energizer Strutured Water

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Farming With Structured Water For Agriculture

It is not far fetched to believe that rain water is the best water there is for any farmer, for most people this is common knowledge. The next best thing to rain water after spring water is structured water. Looking at current agricultural farming, this water can have almost the same impact on crop yield, crop quality and in addition reduce water bill and other agricultural costs.

  • Crop Yield
  • Harvest Quality And Nutrition
  • Water Usage And Costs
  • Other Agricultural Costs

Structured Water In Agriculture

There are a lot of benefits in using structured water for agriculture
Studies show that adopting structured water for agricultural uses has a lot of benefits…

Structured water is making a large impact on modern agriculture and when combined with regenerative agriculture the results are phenomenal. In agriculture there are three key elements to be mindful of being water, soil and the ecosystem surrounding all that. At the same time considering all forms of agriculture, water is the one that glues everything together. And not just water but rather quality water.

Whether one looks at soil based farming, soil-less farming (hydroponics), raising fish (aquaculture) or a hybrid of hydroponics and aquaculture called aquaponics, lack of water is detrimental. Before looking at how structured water for agriculture can benefit each sector of agriculture, let us look at the best structured water devices for agriculture to use.

Structured Water Units For Agriculture

What a farmer needs to know and do is know how to give the plants and animals structured water and what to use. Many manufacturers make farming or agriculture specific water structuring devices. You would normally use a structured water device;

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Devices

There are numerous ways to provide structured water to your crops or farm where it is needed. One of the best structured water devices in the market today are Aqua Energizer units. These units are made to revitalize water and increase its energetic frequency in order to support optimum hydration. They are crafted by hand using premium copper, crystal, and mineral materials. Depending on your needs for irrigation systems and water, Aqua Energizer structured water devices are available in various diameter sizes.

Aqua Energizer Garden Structured Water Device
Aqua Energizer unit for garden
Aqua Energizer garden units can be placed on pivot irrigation hoses at 30-feet intervals. Click here to find out more
Aqua Energizer Industrial Structured Water Device
Aqua Energizer unit for agriculture
Aqua Energizer commercial units enhance farming applications such as subsurface drip irrigation, commercial farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, and green houses. Click here to find out more

The Aqua Energizer’s supercharged water will nourish and support the growth of the plants in your yard. Just turn on your garden spigot and watch how ordinary tap water provides the fuel your plants crave. Boost nutritional value and output while saving money on water use.
Garden Structured Water Device

Whole House Structured Water Unit

Choice of the dispenser would be based on the farming method, scale and other factors.

How To Make Structured Water For Agriculture

In order to make structured water for use in the farm you need a structured water dispenser. This unit is the one that would take in water from any source on one end, let it through on the other end and in the process structuring it. The quality of water would vary depending on the water structuring technology used and one of the best devices to buy are those that mimic nature and not use any external sources like electricity to achieve the same.

There are many manufacturers who make such devices that would be suitable for use in agriculture. The list of the manufactures includes but not limited to Natural Action Technologies and UMH. Their device make microstructured water by only copying how nature structures water.

Where To Buy Structured Water Units For Agriculture

Both the Natural Action Technologies (NAT) and UMH structured water can be purchased from The Wellness Enterprise at highly discounted prices coupled with some bonuses. The Wellness Enterprise products, being the authorized dealer for both manufacturers, adds more value to each purchase by adding meaningful bonuses that will help in further understanding the use of the product and how to get more value from it.

They have recently introduced yet another structured water device for agriculture called Aqua Energizer. It is manufactured by the NAT and there is a dedicated consultant who would advise farmers or any one interested in agricultural activities as how to use the device and other related issues.

In addition to the Aqua Energizer, other devices have always been existing that are also suitable for plants and livestock if your agricultural practice is not a big establishment that would otherwise require a dedicated unit. Garden or a whole water devices can be used by small time farmers or garden owners.

Here is a selection of structured water devices for agriculture.

Structured Water Technology

There are different technologies employed today to produce structured water. In certain cases the water produced or resulting from the application of the technology may go by a different name. Also see structured water for commercial use.

What is important to the farmer is normally the cost implication of the technology used and its long term benefits as well as potential dangers it can pose to the environment. In this case green technology would be the best choice and a structured water device that is green would be most welcome.

What is worth noting is that units from manufacturers like UMH and NAT are more than green since they are designed to fit any pipe regardless of the size, they use no electricity and no chemicals. To further sweeten the deal they have no filters to replace, require no active maintenance and come with a 5-10 year warranty.

See UMH Structured Water Device | Natural Action Technologies Water Units

What Is Structured Water?

Structured water is water that mimics what nature intended water to be. Meaning water in its intrinsic state is life supporting, revitalizing, hydrating and an active solvent that is able to display its properties effectively. This can be demonstrated by rain water and spring water that are pure and not contaminated with any toxic substances or any matter that has harmful vibrational frequencies. Continue reading What Is Structured Water

Is Rain Water Structured?

Rain water is natural water falling from the skies and it is in its intrinsic state. Structured water basically mimics water in its natural state, therefore one would not be wrong to say rain water is structured (in the context of what structured water is). Continue reading Is Rain Water Structured

Is Spring Water Structured Water?

In the same as in the case of rain water, spring water is structured water. The structuring happens naturally as it tumbles and spins down the rivers, hills, watefalls, etc. Read Is Spring Water Structured Water

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