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What does structured water do to your body?

    What does structured water do to your body?

    Studies have shown that structured water has huge and better health benefits to the body than ordinary water we are used to. For starters structured water is highly hydrating and efficient nutrient transporter, it is effective in releasing oxygen to the body and the cells do not spend as much energy to use the water and is an energy booster. On the other hand structured water is an efficient waste remover (detox) and it also does a very good job in neutralizing toxins in the water if any. In a nutshell, it aids in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, aids in detoxification of the body and improves digestion and participates in many other bodily functions.

    What Does Water Do To Our Body

    Water is versatile and touches every aspect and area of our lives. One of those areas is the body in the aspect of health. Water contributes immensely to our health and is the cornerstone of every process in our body. In other words with no water we cannot survive for long.

    Before answering the question “What does structured water do to your body?”, let’s understand this about water in its general sense. We need water for our bodies to provide or carry out or assist in a number of processes including but not limited to;

    • Digestion
    • Respiration
    • Body Temperature Maintenance
    • Lubrication
    • Blood Circulation
    • Immunity
    • Energy
    • Cognitive Function
    • Mood Regulation
    • Waste And Toxin Elimination
    • Nutirent Transportation and Distribution

    To enable water to do or assist in accomplishing the above we need it to be inside our bodies (for most if not all of the above). That involves;

    • drinking,
    • bathing/showering/swimming,
    • cooking
    • and watering plants that we eat.

    When water is in our bodies it hydrates us. This means a well hydrated body will have all of the above processes happening seamlessly and stay healthy for longer. The fact of the matter is our body needs those process to take place otherwise we fall sick because one of the processes is not executed or executed poorly because of lack of water.

    As an example if the nutirents are not adequately transported to the rest of the body because either there is not enough water to go round or they do not satisfactorily dissolve to the right concentrations. If this happens one way or the other some parts of the body will suffer and start to complain. That will be an onset of a disease mostly chronic.

    Or if the water is not enough or not doing a good job to take away (dissolve and carry) toxins from different parts of the body, there will be toxin build-up. Again resulting mostly in chronic illnesses like arthritis, inflammed joints, orgain failures, etc.

    Then it goes to say how well one is hydrated has a huge influence in their state of health. It is also worth noting that hydration varies from person depending on the type og hydrating activities they undertake.

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