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Whole House Structured Water System

A whole house structured water system structures water for the whole house
Having a whole house water structuring system with a filtering device water will be structured in every faucet in the house.

In the home we use water in different ways and at times depending on the quality of water.

As an example, we drink filtered water and do laundry with tap water. But that can all change with the use of a whole house structured water system.

The cost is once-off and you can have spring water quality water to everywhere without worrying about costs!


Here is a breakdown of how we may use water around the house;

Improved Tap Water
This may be filtered water, ro water, water from countertop pitchers, etc. There are different water systems that are used to improve tap water for drinking. In some cases these systems cannot be used to provide water for the whole house because it might be expensive to replace filters.

  • drink,
  • smoothies,
  • coffee or tea.

Plain Tap Water
This water is from the tap and is normally safe to drink or ingest where one does not have special appliances like pitchers, etc. It can also be used for most if not all household chores. Some chores like gardening may be relegated to lower grade water depending on the costs of fresh water from the tap.

  • drink,
  • cook,
  • wash vegetables,
  • bathe or shower,
  • for pets,
  • dishes.

Stored Or Trapped Water
This is rain water collected from the roof or from the ground. It might also be purchased undrinkable water for use in the garden or generally cleaning where super clean water is not necessary.

  • laundry,
  • gardening,
  • car washing,
  • general cleaning.

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