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Uses Of Structured Water

Structured water is just water and it can be used just any way we ordinarily use water. However, it is distinct! It is special in that it is better water. It is not that it is designated to be used in certain areas of life and not equally usable in other areas.

Uses Of Structured Water Explained

Uses of structured water are no different from uses of tap water, well water, filtered water in the house, etc. Where it is used in certain areas of life (and not all areas that involve water) it is simply because of its scarcity not because it is not applicable.

Different uses of structured water are as varied as uses of ordinary water
The various uses of structured water are the same as uses of plain ordinary water as we know it…

To understand this better, think of introduction of bottled water, way back then. Think spring or still bottled water, not flavored water, not sparkling water, etc. Just plain water made better than tap water. Bottled water was introduced because it was an improved version of tap water.

It did not necessarily mean it could not be used for other things like cooking, laundry, watering plants, etc. It would cost you an arm and leg were you to use it that way.

Technically speaking plain bottled water can be used anywhere tap water can be used, practically it will be very expensive. In the same manner structured water use is like that, it can be used anywhere where water can be used.

The good news is structured water is way cheaper than bottled water and it can practically be used anywhere. Simply add or install a structuring water device to your water supply – a one time cost and you can have structured water available endlessly and be used without restrictions.

Structured Water Uses Versus Ordinary Water Usage

Ordinarily there is either well water or city water for use in the house, for farming, for business, etc. The water is clean and safe for usage and consumption, that is as long as preliminary steps have been taken to bring water to this usable state. Well water will have to be filtered of sediments and treated some how. The same with city water and this is what tap water usually is.

In some cases tap water or well water may need to be improved to make it more drinkable or better. One of the common problems is water hardness and taste. Hard water tends to scale quickly affecting electrical heating elements and plumbing in general. On the other hand the water might have a blunt taste due to chemicals used during treatment or for some other reason.

To solve these issues it is a good idea to have a filter system. The filter system might be for the whole house, at the sink or at the point of use. At times it might be necessary to remineralize or add minerals to the water. So water treatment in this way is common and usual. In other words these are attempts to improve water so that it is better.

Normal Structured Water Uses

Structured water simply replaces normal water for personal, domestic, pets, livestock, plants, fish tanks, environmental uses.

Personal Use

Structured Water For Skin
Structured Water For Weight Loss
Domestic Use

Swimming Pool
Agricultural Use

Animal Production
Commercial Use

Hair Salons And Spas
Restaurant And Hotels
Public Pools

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