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Under Sink Structured Water Device

Did you know that fruits and vegetables get revitalized when washed with structured water? And when you cook with it? With an under sink structured device installed you will always have structured water readily available.

Best Structured Water Device For Under Sink

If you are looking for an under sink structured device, here are some of the top rated devices on the market today.

Product Image Device Name Structured Water Brands Price
 The Aqua Energizer Under Sink Structured Water Unit is designed for use with your home shower. AQUA ENERGIZER™ Under Sink Structured Water Device The Wellness Enterprise Click here for Aqua Energizer water structuring under sink device price.
UMH Pure water structure device - under sink UMH Pure UMH Click here for UMH Pure 24K under sink device price.
The Copper Undersink Inline Vortexer features our Harmonizer technology and is maintenance free for life Undersink Inline Vortexer Greenfield Water Solutions Click here for NAT stainless steel structured water revitalizer shower unit price.
the HD-9US installs below the sink on your kitchen faucet’s cold-water line HD-9US Under Sink Unit Natural Action Technologies Click here for Under Sink Structured Water Revitalizer HD-9US Unit price.

Under Sink Structured Water Filter

UMH water structure device
An under sink water structuring unit is an ideal choice when you want to upgrade your existing reverse osmosis or standard under sink filter. It is also an excellent option if it is not possible to install a whole house device especially when renting an apartment.

If your water needs to be filtered before you drink or use it, it is best to purchase a a structured water unit with a water filter system. Water structuring devices are not filters. And it is not advisable to only have a structuring unit while your water needs to be filtered or purified before use.

If you do not have a water filtering system already and have been contemplating to buy one, at the same time desiring to use structured water, the one option is to buy an under sink structured water filter.

Under Sink Structured Water Unit For Existing Water Filter Systems

If you already have an under sink water filtering system there are tailor made structured water devices meant to seamlessly connect to the existing filtration system. One of the options is;

AQUA ENERGIZER™ Quick Connect Structured Water Device
 The Aqua Energizer Under Sink Structured Water Unit is designed for use with your home shower
The AQUA ENERGIZER Quick Connect Device will fill your home with supercharged structured water. You will turn ordinary tap water into the fuel your cells crave.

This AQUA ENERGIZER Quick Connect comes with 1/4 inch quick connect fittings. For use with the 1/4 inch flexible tubing and copper tubing that are part of most water filters. Add a structuring device to your traditional water filter with quick connects. Can easily be used at your separate drinking faucet, refrigerator drinking dispensers and after reverse osmosis filters.

The AQUA ENERGIZER Quick Connect device is also one of three products found in the best alternative to reverse osmosis, the Jivara Mountain Spring. Click here to learn more.

Custom Under Sink Structured Water Filter

Though not all water needs to be filtered, normal tap water can be drinkable in some areas, it goes without saying that there could be a desire to improve its taste and feel. A structured water device would do a lot more than taste and texture to water but this does not mean water that definitely needs to be filtered should not be filtered.

If your water needs to be filtered or purified in any way, take necessary steps to do that and seal everything with a water structuring device. Some manufacturers have already gone an extra step to provide water structuring devices with water filters. There are options to get water filters separately or they combine the two systems together to make a custom under sink structured water filter.

5 Stage Under Sink Structured Water Filter by Greenfield

Greenfield Water Solution’s Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system
A stainless steel 5 Stage under sink water filter by Greenfield offers triple filtration, mineralization, structuring and energizing at your kitchen sink. It uses the best water filtration technology. Click to learn more.

4 Stage Under Sink Structured Water Filter by Greenfield

Stainless Steel Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system
A 4 Stage Greenfield water filter solution that offers double stage filtration with mineralization, structuring and energizing right at your kitchen sink. Click to learn more.

Jivara® Mountain Spring – The Best Alternative to Reverse Osmosis

Jivara Mountain Spring Structured Water Filter System - the perfect alternative to reverse osmosis water
The next best thing to living next to a mountain spring is having mountain spring quality water pouring from your tap. If you do or don’t have an RO system this is the system to use. Click here to learn more.

Other Structured Water Vortex Devices To Consider

There are alternatives to the kitchen device depending on your circumstances. An under sink unit is limited in that it structures water at the sink while the rest of the area like shower or outside remain as normal tap water. Further, you might need a special container to carry structured water with you if you go camping, to the restaurant, gym, etc. There are more options to increase your access to structured water.

Portable Structured Water Device

With a portable structured water device, you will be able to have structured water on the go or anywhere you would be. There are two types of these portable devices; handheld structured water units and stand alone devices.

UMH has a 3 in 1 device that is versatile and can be used as a kitchen unit, a shower unit or a travel unit.

UMH Live Water Structurer

UMH water structure device

The UMH Live is made for versatility. You can use it as a faucet contraption, a shower inline device or as a mobile hand-held gadget in combination with the UMH Travel Kit.

The UMH Live is an exceptionally compact and versatile water structuring device. It connects to a standard faucet or can be used as an inline device for a shower. The UMH Live easily transforms into a portable handheld water structuring device with the UMH Travel Kit.

The UMH Live with the Travel Kit fits in your purse or backpack, so be sure to bring your beautiful gold companion to make structured water at work, at restaurants, while traveling, and of course at home. Click here for more details.

Whole House Vortex Water System

When you want water of the highest standard look no further than the Hydro-RS Regenerative Whole House Structured Water Filter by Greenfield Water Solutions. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary system.

Hydro-RS Regenerative Water Filter System

UMH water structure device

This system will ultrafilter, descale, structure, and energize the water throughout every spout in your home. it includes a
whole house structured water device and a single stage undersink mineralizer to re-mineralize your drinking water.

With a rapidly growing concern worldwide for difficult-to-remove contaminants (such as Fluoride, Arsenic, Nitrates, and many many more) folks at Greenfield Water Solutions knew that they needed to develop a system that went beyond only addressing the broad spectrum contaminants at maximum levels.

They developed a water filtering system that also prevents these concentrated contaminants from returning to the environment. They did this through a completely regenerative and environmentally conscious system with maximum contaminant removal. Find out more here

Under Sink Drinking Water Treatment System

If you want to seal the deal that you drink water that is purified to the highest standard there is the ultimate water filter for drinking water. The NSF/ANSI Std 53 certified for PFOA/PFOS/Microcyst water filter – Multipure Aqualuxe. Your modern kitchen is not complete withour it. You can have it on your counter or under your sink, providing clean, pure water to you and your family.

It has Wi-Fi capability, electronic sensors, and the latest advancements in water filtration with the industry-leading carbon block water filter have created the Aqualuxe as the ultimate water filter machine for home use.

Multipure Aqualuxe Water Filter

Multipure Aqualuxe Drinking Water Filter

The Aqualuxe is a step above the Aquapeform and Aquaversa as it is also certified to treat Arsenic V, bacteria, and virus. Click for more information, you might also be just in time for a 5% discount special. It can be coupled with your favorite under sink structured water device as shown above.

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