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    What Is A UMH Structured Water Device?

    A UMH Structured Water Device is a water structuring unit that restores water to spring quality or rain water quality in the sense that water is much safer and healthier to drink and use.

    UMH structured water devices do not use magnets or electricity to bring water to spring water quality.

    Here are some of the most commonly used UMH structured water devices.


    UMH Live
    UMH Live 3 in 1 Device

    • Versatile unit to be directly attached to the tap in kitchen and bathroom, to the shower hose, backyard tap and much more
    • Ideal for traveling (comes in a travel-kit)
    • 24 carat gold plated or silver-plated

    Learn more about UMH Live

    UMH Pure 24K
    UMH Pure Under Sink Unit

    • Optimal energy supplement for existing filter systems
    • Available with 3/8“ thread and special adapters if necessary
    • 24-carat gold plated

    Learn more about UMH Pure 24K

    UMH Master
    UMH Master Water Structuring Device

    • Provides power to the entire water supply system of the house with energized water
    • Installation is carried out by a certified installer

    Learn more about UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device



    Proof of effects:
    The effects can be definitely proved by UV spectroscopy, Dr Popp’s biophoton measurement, surface tension measurements, Dr Voll’s skin resistance measurements, the colour plate technique, kinesiology, Kirlian photography and radiostatics as well as under the microscope.

    Working life and duration of effects:
    All UMH appliances are maintenance-free. They do not require a mains connection or additional substances. Their working life is unlimited.

    Where To Install UMH Device

    UMH appliances should not be placed close to strongly radiating electrical appliances such as microwave ovens or radiophones, etc.

    Strong geopathic interference zones can reduce the efficiency of UMH appliances. Special devices can, however, neutralize these effects.Please ask your UMH dealer for details.

    What Are UMH Devices Made Of

    All parts are made of brass. The TÜV Test Institute in Bavaria tested them for food safety and pressure.

    Water pressure: up to max. 10 bar
    Temperature: up to max. 95°C
    Please protect all appliances from frost.

    UMH Device Guarantee

    — 5 years on function and technology
    — Money-back guarantee within 5 months if not satisfied with the effect

    UMH Device Applications

    Universal small appliance:
    — 24 carat gold or silver-plated.
    — Mounted directly onto the kitchen or bathroom tap, or between the tap and shower hose or garden hose, etc.
    — Wide range of uses, ideal for travelling.

    Built-in appliance for the main water conduit:
    — Supplies energized water throughout the house.
    — Available in the sizes 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 5/4″ , 6/4″ and 2″.
    — The appliance should be installed by a qualified plumber.

    Built-in appliance:
    – Quick and easy to fit on the coldwater stopcock in your home.
    – No need to alter any plumbing,the stop-cock still fullfils its function and it can be easily removed.
    – Available for 1/2“, 3/4“ and 1“ stopcocks.

    Extra fitting for osmosis and filter devices:
    — An optimal, energizing extra for existing purification systems.
    — Supplied with a 3/8″ thread or, if necessary, with a hose connection.

    Stand appliance, large:
    — For energizing water and drinks.
    — 1/2″ appliance, gold-plated, with glass funnel and pyramidal stand with threaded attachment.

    Stand appliance, small:
    — A combination of the universal small appliance with a stand and glass funnel, illustrated right.

    Special appliances:
    – For revaluating swimming-pools and heating -systems ,etc.


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