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UMH Sango Water Remineralization Cartridge

UMH Sango Remineralization Cartridge designed to work with reverse osmosis (R.O.) systems
The UMH Sango Remineralization Cartridge is designed to work with reverse osmosis (R.O.) systems. This Sango Coral post filter is a remineralizer that replenishes your R.O. or distilled water with over 70 balanced trace minerals. For ease of installation, it comes with quick connect adapters.

The UMH Sango cartridge attaches to the UMH Pure to provide a complete under-sink remineralization and restructuring solution. The usual lifespan of this device is two years; simply replace it and continue to enjoy your revitalized water.


UMH Sango Overview

The UMH Sango is a remineralization cartridge designed for those who already own a reverse osmosis water filtration system. This unique cartridge restores trace minerals to your filtered water, providing the perfect foundation for the structuring process.

The UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge adds over 70 essential trace minerals to water through a water filtering system.

Certain water filtering systems, reverse osmosis systems being one of them, strips water of the most important elements and trace minerals that come naturally in the water.

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UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge Overview

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The UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge makes it easier and simpler to add back the lost minerals into water. It is compatible and ideal for use with reverse osmosis systems and water distilling systems.

Different Uses Of UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge

The UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge has many applications but with one purpose – to add back trace minerals that have been lost in water during reverse osmosis process or distillation or any other process that may deplete water of the essential trace elements.

If that water is going through any of these processes for drinking and use in house chores like cooking, gardening, pets, aquarium, etc. then it is important that it is re-mineralized.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis water or RO water is water that has gone through a reverse osmosis system for the basic reason of “cleaning” water.

UMH Sango PackageNormally untreated water straight from the source is laden with physical and chemical contaminants that need to be removed before it can be considered safe to drink.

However, there are several drawbacks with ro water systems one of which is depleting the water of the needed trace minerals. This means ro water does not have enough trace minerals needed by the body for day to tasks. Water is the best supply of these trace minerals and it is best keeping it that way rather than looking for alternative sources as if to stand in for water.

So the best thing is to re-introduce these trace elements back into water. Adding back the lost minerals is called remineralization and it can be achieved in different ways. One of the best ways to remineralize RO water is using the UMH Sango Mineralizer. See the video below to learn more about this remineralize water cartridge.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is water that has been collected as water vapor from a distillation process. This water is pure water. It is pure in the sense that the only thing present in it are H2O molecules. Though it is very hard to get 100% pure water, let us not be too technical and realize that in essence distilled water is water in its purest form.

It is pure because as it was rising as steam it left behind any other component in it including the much needed trace minerals. Non-volatile substances in the water subjected to distillation gets left behind as water lifts up as steam or vapor. So just like RO water, it does not have the minerals that make it ideal for consumption.

How To Make Distilled Water Drinkable

In the same way to remineralize distilled water just use the UMH Sango Cartridge to get right ratio and quantity of the left behind minerals. Find out more about what this UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge is and why it is one of the best ways to remineralize water.

How Else To Use UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge

UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge is compatible with RO systems and water filtering systems that it can be used in any application where ro water or distilled was intended for use.

Unless the ro water and distilled water need to be used without the minerals. This is normally true for distilled water where the intention is not to drink it but ro use in car batteries, in labs for science experiments.

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Distilled water is safe to drink but not not safe to drink for a long time because as it is it mineral hungry. So as you drink it will withdraw minerals from your cells instead of supplying them. The same with RO water, both are mineral hungry.

Mineralization of distilled water can be done with mineral drops, unprocessed salt, supplements for distilled water or use of mineral water cartridges like the UMH Sango. Table salt is processed salt and it also has some trace elements missing so use of unprocessed salt like the Himalayan salt or sea salt would be ideal.

As mentioned above, when you do not have a mineral water cartridge like the UMH Sango some people can use mineral drops or salt. These can be used to remineralize ro or distilled water for coffee drinking. Mineral drops for RO water can be obtained online or from a local store.

Using drops or distilled water supplements may be considered as an artificial water remineralization process. So one of the ways of how to add minerals to ro water naturally is using unprocessed salts or minerals.

UMH Sango Explained


Buy Remineralize Water Cartridge


Buy Remineralize Water Cartridge


At The Wellness Enterprise we recognize that safe water includes mineral enhancements. Minerals are so vital to so many processes in our body that we thought it was important to offer solutions that add minerals to water.

The UMH mineralizer is made in partnership with our Austrian partner at UMH and the cartridges are filled with sea coral minerals sustainably harvested from the oceans near Okinawa.

These minerals are chosen because the Okinawans are known for their longevity. The minerals themselves have a two-to-one ratio of calcium to magnesium and over seventy trace minerals.

Those are the micro little teeny tiny minerals that are so necessary for our health and well-being. Since I started offering these minerals I’ve received feedback from the marketplace.

And one situation I think was really helpful the customer had done a before test on her water and an after test after installing the mineral cartridge. And she called me to ask why the pH of her water hadn’t gone up.

Because she had the assumption that if you add minerals the pH has to go up and that’s when I learned that the minerals in our cartridges are alive. That they have in any intelligence and the manifestation of this innate intelligence is that they will never increase the ph of water above 7.4.

They increase it to the range of where our blood is about 7.3 to 7.4 and they fill the water with minerals without putting too much in.

The water becomes saturated with the goodness that we need but different amounts of saturation happen in different water which is a manifestation of this innate intelligence. When I looked at her lab reports I saw that the ph was the same before and after.

I wondered if the minerals weren’t working but further study and research revealed that the turbidity, the color and the hardness of her water had all changed showing evidence that the minerals were being absorbed in her water.

The cartridges that we offer for our minerals look like this and the flow direction in case you’re wondering is in this direction. Why I’m showing this to you is it’s really important to point out that the cartridge is clear.

You can actually see the minerals that are inside of it so you’ll know it’s working because over time you’ll see a reduction in the amount of minerals. And when the cartridge is empty you’ll know it’s time for a replacement.

These are really healthy minerals in a container that’s really easy to use and I recommend that if you want safe water, if you want water that is going to feed your skeletal system then these are the best choice.

You can install them in conjunction with any other water system. They come with simple connectors that I’ll demonstrate in another video.

You can put them with your ro system or distilled water. If you have one of those two waters I highly recommend. They begin adding minerals as soon as possible and you can also put them with any of the products offered on

UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge Installation

Watch the following video to learn how to install the UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge. In the video you will also notice that the cartridge is used in combination with the Best Water Filter Ever.

UMH Sango Specification

Weight: 27 ounces
Dimensions: 13 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches

The Sango Mineralizer cartridges come with 1/4 inch quick connect flexible hose fittings. They are very easy to install.


FAQs About Water Remineralization Process

Remineralization water treatment can be complex or as easy as using remineralize water drops. Here are a few common questions about adding minerals to water be it ro water or distilled water.

How Do You Minieralize Water Naturally?

One of the best ways to mineralize water naturally is by adding a pinch of natural salt. Natural salt is salt that has not been processed like table salt. This is much easier to do when drinking water from a glass or when storing water in a jar.

However if you want to add minerals to water as it runs from a tap, especially when using a reverse osmosis system which is notorious of removing minerals from water, the UMH Sango Mineral cartridge fitted to your water filtering system would be the best option.

What Is Water Remineralization?

Water remineralization is the process of adding essential trace minerals back into water. These minerals can be added back by using mineral drops, natural salts, etc.

These minerals are normally lost during water filtration process like in RO systems or some other aggressive water processes that are meant to purify water. And if water is going to be for consumption the lost minerals should be replaced by remineralization.

Can You Add Minerals To Water?

Yes, you can add minerals to water. One simple way of adding minerals to water is using unprocessed salt like sea salt or Himalayan. Processed salt does not have all the essential trace minerals.

Another way to add minerals to water is using remineralization cartridges like the UMH Sango mineral cartridge. The cartridge is filled with sea coral minerals harvested from the oceans near Okinawa.

Should You Remineralize RO Water?

RO water or reverse osmosis water should be remineralized especially if it is meant for drinking and cooking.

RO water is water from a reverse osmosis system which is meant to receive undesirable elements from water before it can be safe for drinking. Unfortunately an RO system is not selective and it removes everything good or bad.

It filters away both the good elements like trace minerals (which are essential in our bodies) and the bad impurities that can otherwise make us sick.

So it is important to remineralize ro water so that it becomes healthy again.

Can You Remineralize Distilled Water?

Distilled water can be remineralized by adding salts that have not been deprived of the their natural composition of over 70 trace minerals. Adding a required amount of salt like sea salt or Himalayan salt is enough to remineralize water with all the essential minerals.

Distilled water is pure water with nothing extra but just water, as in H2O. If the distilled water was distilled for purification purposes before drinking, then simply adding minerals is not enough. The water will still not be ideal for drinking. Ideal drinking water has more than desired content of minerals it also has living microbes and other substances that make it healthier to drink.

For a safe bet, using UMH Sango will ensure that the water has all that it needs to be safe and healthy for drinking.

How Do You Add Calcium To Water?

You can add calcium to water by adding salt, in this case even processed salt is ok because salt is mainly calcium.

However, if you want more or a somewhat complete complement all the essential salts in water rather use natural salt like Himalayan salt or sea salt.

Processed salt has many other essential minerals around 70 stripped from it because of the processes it goes through before it can become table salt.


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The UMH Travel Kit Add-on converts the UMH Live or UMH Alpha water structuring units to a portable device that is simple to use. You can now simply refill your water bottle on the move from any water source. A lab grade funnel with a 24 karat gold-plated adaptor, the bag, a tiny microfiber towel, and a 24 karat gold-plated nozzle are included in the Travel package.


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