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UMH Pure 24K Under Sink Structured Water Device

The UMH Pure Under Sink Water Structuring Device is the smallest and most portable inline device available. It connects simply to a single sink’s cold water line. This inline water structuring device can be connected to ordinary filtration systems and cold water lines for one sink in your house, business, bar, or café using the 3/8″ fittings.

It’s low-maintenance and doesn’t necessitate professional installation. It isn’t necessary to solder it into your water line. The UMH Pure and Sango are simple to attach to your R.O. system using John Guest quick connect tubes.

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This is an under sink structured water device by UMH and would be an important addition to osmosis and filtration systems.

It can be used under sink and/or in combination with some countertop water filters, reverse osmosis systems, aquariums, circulation pumps, water ionizers, etc.

With the 3/8″ connection, UMH Pure device fits all standard filter systems. The made brass device is 24 karat gold-plated and has a pyramid-shaped quartz crystal. The handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field inside the device.

More UMH Water Structuring Units To Consider

UMH DELTA Portable Water Structuring Unit
The UMH Delta portable water structuring unit is a stand-alone professional device

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The UMH Delta portable water structuring unit is a stand-alone device with a high flow rate. It’s lightweight and simple to set up. It can be used for therapeutic and alchemical purposes, as well as to structure large amounts of water. Water and other transparent liquids can be vitalized repeatedly thanks to the pyramid-shaped freestanding structure.

UMH ALPHA Portable Structured Water Device
The UMH Alpha is a small, self-contained portable structured water device

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The UMH Alpha water structuring unit combines advanced technology with a stylish appearance that takes up little space and is simple to operate. This water structuring device blends in beautifully with your decor and becomes a focal point. The UMH Alpha combines the UMH Live (sphere) with a stand that can be placed on a table or counter top to let you to fill a glass, bottle, or jug directly with structured water. The UMH Alpha is a versatile piece of equipment. You may put it on your kitchen counter or twist it off of the stand and combine it with the UMH Travel Kit to make it a portable device that you can take with you when you travel or go outside with your friends.

UMH Travel Add-on Kit
The UMH Travel Kit Add-on is a supplement for the UMH Live and UMH Alpha water structuring units

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The UMH Travel Kit Add-on converts the UMH Live or UMH Alpha water structuring units to a portable device that is simple to use. You can now simply refill your water bottle on the move from any water source. A lab grade funnel with a 24 karat gold-plated adaptor, the bag, a tiny microfiber towel, and a 24 karat gold-plated nozzle are included in the Travel package.

UMH Sango Remineralization Cartridge
The UMH Sango Remineralizing Cartridge is for anyone who uses a reverse osmosis water filtration system

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The UMH Sango Remineralization Cartridge is designed to work with reverse osmosis (R.O.) systems. This Sango Coral post filter is a remineralizer that replenishes your R.O. or distilled water with over 70 balanced trace minerals. For ease of installation, it comes with John Guest quick connect adapters. The UMH Sango cartridge attaches to the UMH Pure to provide a complete undersink remineralization and restructuring solution. The usual lifespan of this device is two years; simply replace it and continue to enjoy your revitalized water.


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