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UMH Water Structuring Device

UMH Structured Water Devices

One of the best ways to stay healthy and optimally hydrated is to drink the right water. The right water is structured water and if you do not know what structured water is, it is water that the body is easy to absorb into the cells, it gives the body energy and a whole lot more benefits that ordinary does not do. At times this water is called H3O2 water, EZ Water or Gel Water.

Using UMH Structured Water Devices is one of the ways that you can make sure that you have structured water at you disposal at all times. They offer different units that can fit every need and use. Below you will find a list of UMH devices you can use and where you can get them at a bargain.

UMH Devices Benefits

The UMH Devices are structured water products tested and recommended by many doctors and scientists and have been proven to the following benefits.

  • Holistic Water Purification
  • Energized and Structured Water
  • Proven Intra and Extra Cellular Hydration
  • Transform the Energetics of Water with Physics
  • High Quality Products Lovingly Created in Small Batches
  • 20 Years Experience and Thousands of Satisfied Customers

UMH Structured Water Units

UMH Devices include the following range of products that cover diverse applications.

UMH Master

UMH Master Water Structuring Device


UMH Master is a whole house water structuring unit. It can handle larger flow rates of water and is capable of supplying the whole house with structured water for drinking, bathing/showering, laundry, washing at the kitchen sink, gardening, pets, etc.

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UMH Pure

UMH Pure Under Sink Unit


The UMH Pure is an under sink water structuring unit ideal for use with existing water filter systems. If you already have a water filtering system like a reverse osmosis system or a simple water filtering system, you can use UMH Pure to augment the system.

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UMH Live

UMH Live 3 in 1 Device


UMH Live is a portable structured water unit that can be directly installed on the kitchen or bathroom faucet, with the shower head or backyard tap and much more. It is ideal for traveling as it comes with a travel-kit.

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UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge

UMH Sango Remineralizing Catridge


The UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge contains over 70 trace elements essential for daily body functions. The body will be able to efficiently use these minerals as they are delivered in liquid soluble form to ease assimilation.

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