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Structuring Water With Sunlight

The sun or sunlight is important to all life and in most cases in ways uncommon to most people. The significance of sunlight to all life and water even is not fully appreciated but that is slowly changing with the advent of internet where sharing of information is easy and fast. Structuring water with sunlight is ancient though it might have been called differently.

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Ways Of Structuring Water With Sunlight

Water in a clear glass bottled is structured when left in sunlight for a while
Solarised water or structured water with sunlight is water charged by the sun to give it vital energy.

When the sun is used to deliberately shine on the water that ideally is contained in a glass container, this process is called solarizing and the resulting product is called solarized water or sun charged water. In other words structuring water with sunlight gives solar charged water that gives water back its intrinsic qualities.

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Water can be solarized by putting it in clear glass bottle or in glasses with different colors like blue, red green, etc. The color of the glass bottle structures water differently according to color.

Structuring water using sunlight may be coupled with use of crystals or other known methods of water structuring.

Example of Structuring Water In Clear Glass Bottle

The following video explains at least 3 ways of structuring water at home which are use of crystals or marbles, vortexing to mimic a waterfall and lastly structuring water with sunlight in a clear glass container.

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