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Structuring Water With Sound

Sound at certain frequencies can be used to make structured water
Ancient tradition structured water with sound using certain frequencies like in the case of Tibetan singing bowls.

Water responds and is influenced by the frequency of sound subjected to water contained in a vessel. However, not all frequencies are desirable to influence water in this way so certain frequencies can be used for structuring water with sound. Technologies have been invented to entrain water with the right life supporting frequencies.

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Ways Of Structuring Water With Sound

One of the ways of structuring water with sound is using scalar energy technology. Water is known to have memory and for as long as that memory is not erased it will have an effect on the living cells it comes in contact and influence them. This is a good thing as long as the frequency or the memory is life supporting otherwise it can cause chaos in the living organism.

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Scalar Wave Structured Water

The scalar energy technology is one method that be used for structuring water at home with sound.


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