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Structuring Water With Marbles

In nature, when water swirls and spins due to bouncing off from rocks and hard surfaces it gets structured, meaning the water tend to attain back some of its innate properties. This behavior can be reproduced by use of marbles. Structuring water with marbles subjects the water to the vortex motion only but there is more to swirling and spinning (vortex).

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How Structuring Water With Marbles Works

Marbles can be used to mimic rocks to create a vortex to structure water
As water flows over rocks it gets vortexed and gets structured. The same principle can be used to make structured water with marbles.

The vortex motion of water is enough to restructure water to some extent but not to the full effect one would get from a professionally made device. When structuring water with marbles, the marbles are arranged in such a way that water flows in in one end, flows around the marbles and out the other end.

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As it flows through the water would swirl and spin somewhat similar to the way it would in nature.

The only difference is that the marbles are smooth and even surfaced and the rocks are not but rough and unevenly surfaced.

Example Of Structuring Water With Marbles

Try Aqua Energizer Strutured Water

Try Aqua Energizer Strutured Water

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