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Structuring Water With Crystals

Crystals can be used to structure water and ancient history has it. Furthermore, there are different ways of structuring water with crystals. Some crystals can be dipped into a glass of water, that is water coming in contact with water while on the other hand some crystals can structure without coming into contact with water.

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Ways Of Structuring Water With Crystals

Crystals emit certain frequencies that structure water when it absorbs them
Crystals are known to emit certain frequencies such that one can make structured water with crystals. Technologies are also available to do this easily.

As mentioned above there are 2 different basic ways of structuring water with crystals being either water that is being structured coming in contact with the crystals or not.

Companies have devised different water structuring technology based on these two basic ways of restructuring water with crystals.

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It turns out that where crystals are not supposed to come in contact with the water, in most cases is that it my not be safe for the crystals to be immersed in water.


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