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Structured Water Vs Hydrogen Water

Structured water is the ultimate version of water and is better than hydrogen water

Often a debate around hydrogen water vs structured water seems to want to imply that the former is better than the latter but that is not necessarily so.

Hydrogen water is water with hydrogen gas (H2) added to it or water infused with hydrogen gas to make hydrogen rich water.

Adding hydrogen gas to water tends to break up water molecule clusters to make hydrogen rich micro-clustered water.

So if we were to look at structured water vs hydrogen water one might say hydrogen water is structured water infused with hydrogen gas.

However, the difference is in the extent of structuring!

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Why Hydrogen And Hydrogen Water In Particular

Clinical studies indicate that hydrogen has a lot more health benefits than initially known and that those benefits can be harnessed by introducing hydrogen into the body. One of the best ways to do that is drink hydrogen rich water. Here are some of the clinical studies for reference;

  • Molecular Hydrogen Is a Novel Antioxidant to Efficiently Reduce Oxidative Stress With Potential for the Improvement of Mitochondrial Diseases

    We review the recent progress toward therapeutic and preventive applications of hydrogen. Since we published the first paper in Nature Medicine, effects of hydrogen have been reported in more than 38 diseases, physiological states and clinical tests in leading biological/medical journals. Based on this cumulative knowledge, the beneficial biological effects of hydrogen have been confirmed. There are several ways to intake or consume hydrogen, including inhaling hydrogen gas, drinking hydrogen-dissolved water, taking a hydrogen bath, injecting hydrogen-dissolved saline, dropping hydrogen-dissolved saline into the eyes, and increasing the production of intestinal hydrogen by bacteria. Hydrogen has many advantages for therapeutic and preventive applications, and shows not only anti-oxidative stress effects, but also has various anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Preliminary clinical trials show that drinking hydrogen-dissolved water seems to improve the pathology of mitochondrial disorders. From
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  • Molecular Hydrogen: An Inert Gas Turns Clinically Effective

    Molecular hydrogen (H2) appeared as an experimental agent in biomedicine approximately 40 years ago, yet the past 5 years seem to confirm its medicinal value in the clinical environment. H2 improves clinical end-points and surrogate markers in several clinical trials, from metabolic diseases to chronic systemic inflammatory disorders to cancer. However, less information is available concerning its medicinal properties, such as dosage and administration, or adverse reactions and use in specific populations. The present paper overviews the clinical relevance of molecular hydrogen, and summarizes data from clinical trials on this innovative medical agent. Clinical profiles of H2 provide evidence-based direction for practical application and future research on molecular hydrogen for the wider health care community. From

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  • Molecular Hydrogen as a Novel Antioxidant: Overview of the Advantages of Hydrogen for Medical Applications

    Molecular hydrogen (H2) was believed to be inert and nonfunctional in mammalian cells. We overturned this concept by demonstrating that H2 reacts with highly reactive oxidants such as hydroxyl radical ((•)OH) and peroxynitrite (ONOO(-)) inside cells. H2 has several advantages exhibiting marked effects for medical applications: it is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor to affect signaling by reactive oxygen species. Therefore, it should have no or little adverse effects. H2 can be monitored with an H2-specific electrode or by gas chromatography. H2 rapidly diffuses into tissues and cells to exhibit efficient effects. Thus, we proposed the potential of H2 for preventive and therapeutic applications. There are several methods to ingest or consume H2: inhaling H2 gas, drinking H2-dissolved water (H2-water), injecting H2-dissolved saline (H2-saline), taking an H2 bath, or dropping H2-saline onto the eyes. From

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  • Electrolytically Generated Hydrogen Warm Water Cleanses the Keratin-Plug-Clogged Hair-Pores and Promotes the Capillary Blood-Streams, More Markedly Than Normal Warm Water Does

    Abstract: Biomedical properties of hydrogen water have been extensively investigated, but the effect of hydrogen on good healthy subjects remains unclear. This study was designed to explore the hygiene improvement by electrolytically generated hydrogen warm water (40°C) on capillary blood streams, skin moisture, and keratin plugs in skin pores in normal good healthy subjects with their informed consents. Fingertip-capillary blood stream was estimated after hand-immersing in hydrogen warm water by videography using a CCD-based microscope, and the blood flow levels increased to about 120% versus normal warm water, after 60 minutes of the hand-immersing termination. Skin moisture of subjects was assessed using an electro-conductivity-based skin moisture meter. Immediately after taking a bath filled with hydrogen warm water, the skin moisture increased by 5-10% as compared to before bathing, which was kept on for the 7-day test, but indistinct, because of lower solubility of hydrogen in “warm” water than in room-temperature water. Cleansing of keratin plugs in skin-pores was assessed by stereoscopic microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. After hydrogen warm water bathing, the numbers of cleansed keratin plugs also increased on cheek of subjects 2.30- to 4.47-fold as many as the control for normal warm water. And areas of cleansed keratin plugs in the cheeks increased about 1.3-fold as much as the control. More marked improvements were observed on cheeks than on nostrils. Hydrogen warm water may thoroughly cleanse even keratin-plugs of residual amounts that could not be cleansed by normal warm water, through its permeability into wide-ranged portions of hair-pores, and promote the fingertip blood streams more markedly than merely through warmness due to normal warm water. From

There are more publications like above demonstrating the health benefits of hydrogen to the human body and one of the suggested ways to introduce into the body is drinking H2-dissolved water (H2-water). However, what is of importance to note is that here hydrogen is used when there is already a problem.

This may mean that the benefits of hydrogen (or hydrogen water) may not be apparent on somebody who is not sick or suffering from problems that hydrogen can fix. In turn hydrogen water may not be a cure all solution as some may claim. This does not dispute its benefits though!.

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Difference Between Structured Water And Hydrogen Water

There may be several differences between these two types of water but the main being the extent of structuring water. There are different ways to structure water and the extent of structuredness varies with each method and at the same time structuredness is cumulative.

By cumulative I mean each method of structuring water adds more quality to water. As an example water that has been structured with crystals will be even more structured (more quality) when the structuring is augmented with vortexing or vice-versa. This is part of the reason why structured water devices combine several ways of structuring water into one device.

On the other hand, this also means hydrogen can be added to water that is already structured which then means the resulting water will also be more quality than the structured water before hydrogen was added to it.

This means you can make hydrogen water from tap water, filtered water, reverse osmosis water and even structured water. All hydrogen-rich water is or becomes structured, due to the electric charge that causes micro clusters to form. Not all structured water has an antioxidant electric charge, because hexagonal water can be obtained by activating the water by other means. See

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