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Structured Water Shower Device

Do you want to enjoy your showers with a structured water shower device? You will find a number of water structuring devices specifically designed to use in the shower as opposed to having a whole house unit.

Best Structured Water Device To Use In The Shower

If you are looking for a structured water shower device, here are some of the top rated devices on the market today.

Product Image Device Name Supplier Price
 The Aqua Energizer Structured Water Shower Unit is designed for use with your home shower. AQUA ENERGIZER™ Shower Structured Water Device The Wellness Enterprise Click here for Aqua Energizer water structuring shower device price.
UMH water structure device UMH Live UMH Click here for UMH portable shower device price.
stainless steel structured water shower head by Natural Action Technologies Stainless Steel Structured Water Revitalizer Shower Unit Natural Action Technologies Click here for NAT stainless steel structured water revitalizer shower unit price.

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Where To Buy Structured Water

Quality Structured Water Shower Device
Highly structured water in small bottles can be purchased to introduce a few drops into more gallons of water. That might not always be the best option though convenient to carry around. If you want to also shower with structured you will need to improvise. Installing or using a water structurer is ideal where funds permit.

Purchasing a structured water unit is an investment apart from the fact that you will saving long term on buying bottled water. The savings permeate into other aspects of your life. For one you will start start saving money all round.

For example structured water has so many benefits that influence your health positively. This might mean reduced Doctor visits because of improved health. There is a study done by Analemma founders that showed that coherent (structured water) can reverse one’s age. Read about this GlycanAge study here.

Portable Structured Water Device For Shower

There are some manufactures who design portable structuring water units so that you can enjoy a revitalizing shower wherever you go. One such unit is the UMH 3-in-1 device.

portable UMH water structurer for shower

The UMH Live Rhodium is rhodium coated and is made for versatility. It can be used it as a faucet contraption, a shower inline device or as a portable hand-held gadget in combination with the UMH Travel Kit. Click here for details.

Gold plated UMH water structurer for shower

The UMH Live Gold is Gold plated is made for versatility. It can be used it as a faucet contraption, a shower inline device or as a portable hand-held gadget in combination with the UMH Travel Kit. Click here for details.

The UMH Live is an exceptionally compact and versatile water structuring device. It connects to a standard faucet or can be used as an inline device for a shower head. The UMH Live easily transforms into a portable handheld water structuring device with the UMH Travel Kit.

The UMH Live with the Travel Kit fits in your purse or backpack, so be sure to bring your beautiful gold companion to make structured UMH water at work, at restaurants, while traveling, and of course at home.

Whole House Structured Water Device For Shower

When you are in a situation where you can install a whole house structured water device, there will be no need to buy a shower unit. However, if you like camping or travelling, that is when there would be need to buy a portable unit.

A whole house unit supplies structured water to the whole house including the shower. if you were in plans to purchase a water filter system, you might as well get a whole house structured water filter system. Similar to the ones sold by Greenfield Water Solutions.

Common Structured Water Questions

Here are commonly asked questions about structured water;

How Long Does Structured Water Last

Structured water should naturally be stable and stay structured as long as possible. However, the structure of water is negatively influenced by many factors and in most cases it must be protected somehow in order not to lose its coherent revitalized state. if you are using a water structurer this may be the least of your worries since you will be able to use the water just freshly structured.

If structured water is exposed radiation, electromagnetic emissions, microwaves, etc. It is likely to loose its structure within hours. Use of pendants, EMF blockers, harmonizers, etc. can come in handy in protecting the water.

It is also said to loose its structure when travelling long distance in a straight pipe. This is particularly important when installing a whole house structured water unit. Be careful not to install it further from the house, install it as close to the house as possible.

Having said that all structured water is not the same. Some is more stable than others depending on the product. How long structured water lasts is more of a problem when travelling and to bypass that problem you cause an Analemma water stick. This wand creates structured water that is very stable and can stay structured for years.

Can You Boil Structured Water

Structured water can surely be boiled. What you cannot do in most cases is pass hot or boiled water through a water structuring device. That might damage it and structured water device manufacturers advice against it.

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