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Structured Water Research

Peter Agre (2017) – Aquaporin Water Channels

This lecture is about discovery Aquaporin Water Channels and its impact on malaria and not really related to structured water.

 However, we have included it as a resource to corroborate the significance of structured water as far as how water is absorbed into the body. This is in support of our Structured Water Explained article.

Peter Agre is an American physician, Nobel Laureate, and molecular biologist, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. Wikipedia

Click here to watch Aquaporin Water Channels Lecture By Peter Agre.

Peter Agre Aquaporin Water Channels Lecture
Aquaporin Water Channels Lecture – 2017 (Click to watch lecture – opens in another window)

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