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Structured Water Products

Popular Structured Water Products

Structured water products come in different shapes, makes, designs and technology. The sky is the limit when it comes to water structuring products, the list is endless and one has to do their due diligence when looking for one.

Water Structuring Products Categories

New and more structured water products are made
Like the concepts of bottled, ro or filtered water there are now common structured water products on the market today

In light of the many benefits of structured water many devices have been designed or developed in order to make accessibility and availability of structured water much easier. There are different kinds of water structuring products coming in different designs, technology and what have you.

There are different ways of structuring water and structured water companies have found innovative ways to make these products. They come in different names and makes.

You can have a stand alone units, inline installation devices, installation systems, pendants, discs, etc. Here are examples of the products out there on the market today employing different technologies.

Structured Water Devices

The most common devices or units are water structurers that use or have vortexing as one of the ways to structure water. Vortexing is not the only way water gets structured but it is the most common and is natural as is evident in the rivers and waterfalls. Most of these devices are designed to be like water pipes or funnels where water can run or vortex through. They might as well be referred to as water vortexers. However, in many cases they combine various other water structuring methods.

Examples include Aqua Energizers, UMH Structured Water Devices, NAT Devices, Handheld Water Vortexer, etc.

Structured Water Systems

Structured water systems are products that combine different water treatment methods into one multi-faceted system. This kind of products do not only structure water but might also be filtering, physically adding minerals, etc. In other words they combine the common ways of treating water with water structuring and doing this as one unit instead of having different units. However, one can create their own system by combining different units.

Such products include Jivara Mountain Spring, Ophora Water Systems, Greenfield Water Treatment Systems, Atla Water System (formerly Aqualiv), etc.

Structured Water Gadgets

These are the simplest form of water structurers in that they use one form of water structuring. These could be sound, frequency technology, scalar energy or magnets.

This lot includes Bio Disc, Hard Water Softener (uses magnets), Aquanity Aqualizer, etc.

Structured Water Machine

In most cases a machine involves moving power and at times use of electricity. So this class of water structurers involve use of electricity and moving parts. Technology used for structuring water may also involve many methods.

These include Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Water Maker, Duet Water Revitalizer, etc.


Other Water Structuring Products

The core of structuring water or turning ordinary water to living water that is vibrant with energy is the fact that water tends to be receptive to anything around it (when in a certain state). Being receptive in this way, it is able to store the energy or resonant energy emitted by anything around it. Generally, water responds to the environment.

Subtle energies at certain beneficial frequencies can be introduced into water in different ways. When water absorbs and stores these special frequencies it automatically gets structured or gets filled with vital energy. These may also be called harmonization.

Water can be harmonized in different ways including sound and music. Water is so sensitive such that it can respond to vibrations emitted by all things.

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