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Structured Water In Nature

Structured water is not a universal term like ice, liquid water or water vapor. Once someone utters such phrases one can imagine what is being referred to. On the other hand structured water is not as well accepted as one could say filtered water, purified water, ro water, etc. and they will be well understood what they are referring to.

Structured Water In Nature Debate

There is structured water in nature
There is a lot of evidence that natural structured water exists and nature can be mimicked to make it…

There is a school of thought that believes there is no such thing as structured water and another that believes there is. Perhaps the question is what is believed to be structured water? The ones that say it does not exist, what exactly does not exist? Is the problem in the name or concept?

For those who believe (or know) it exists, what exactly exists? Is there science to prove it? Is there evidence to prove its existence? Is there structured water in nature, occurring naturally?


Is Structured Water A Myth Or Fact

Naysayers say structured water is a myth and maybe it is best to describe what structured water is before moving on. Structured water can be looked at in two parts;

  • as a concept
  • as a name

Naysayers are more about the concept since when the concept does not exist the name cannot exist. At the same time, those who know or believe the concept of structured water, they do not have a formal or common name for it yet. Some call it hexagonal water energized water, revitalized water, harmonized water, etc.

However, there has to be a special mention of the name EZ Water aka Exclusion Zone Water or forth phase water. These three terms or names were coined by Dr Pollack a renowned researcher on water. However, here we are jumping the gun and we might need to hold on onto this and move on, we will come back to this idea later on.

So as mentioned structured water has many names and in most cases if not all the cases, these different names refer to or describe the same concept of structured water. Perhaps there will come a time where structured will have a universal name like filtered water. When some one mentions filtered water or distilled water or purified water or holy water the concept is clear and the actual water can be comprehended. The same with rain water or spring water.

Is Structured Water Legit

Now having taken the names out of the way now comes the question; is structured water legit? In other words does it really exist, is there such thing as structured water (the concept that is)?

This could be a long answer especially when going into the science of it. When going into explanation there are variations in the explanation or definition (at times with minor conflicts). These science based explanations are like different versions of an incident narrated by different people who were at the scene. And at different dates! All narrations will be truthful but some will leave out certain details, some would be very detailed while others will be very shallow. Yet, truthfully narrating the incident.

An explanation given may be from scientists, researchers, structured water companies, consumers and other groups that have had experience with this water. The scientists also have different versions depending on what influenced the research

This is what is happening with explaining what structured water is or the concept. Some will say it is water with live energy, or highly oxygenated water, or invigorating crisp clear water, water with healing abilities, battery charged water, etc.

Structured water is considered living water, natural living water!

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