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Structured Water For Swimming Pool

Whether you already have a swimming pool or looking forward to having one, two things are key and worth considering seriously: pool water quality and pool sanitation costs!

pool water that is structured

What are you struggling with, with your swimming pool? Is it;

  • ✓ Algae
  • ✓ Water Clarity
  • ✓ Mineral Deposits
  • ✓ Chlorine Smell
  • ✓ pH
  • ✓ Costs Of Pool Chemical
  • ✓ Or all of the above?

The quality of swimming pool water is important because a pool has its unavoidable chores. How demanding these chores are depends on the quality of water. In this article you are going to find out how using structured water for swimming pool can be a step in the right direction to have the best swimming pool water treatment system ever. Structured water is one of the key elements that will make maintaining your swimming pool a breeze.

Swimming Pool Structured Water

In case you are wondering how to get structured water for swimming pool or what it is in the first place, know that it is not one of the hardest things to do, also;

  • you do not have to change your pool water
  • no intensive plumbing is necessary, just a simple install
  • simply get a water structured device for pool.

First let us get confusion out of the way. A pool needs water to be a pool and there are different pool water types of pool water systems available. At the same time the pool water (and the pool) needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning is an important key component of maintaining your swimming pool regardless of the type of water system you have chosen.

So just like there has to be water, cleaning is also inevitable. One of the ways of cleaning a pool is using a pool sanitizer. A pool sanitizer kills pathogens and other harmful bacteria in the water that make swimming a health risk.

Another type of cleaning involves having a pool skimmer to trap and filter debris and other things like hair, insects, leaves, etc. from pool water.

Types Of Pool Water

There are 3 main and common types of pool water systems. These pool water types are:

  1. Chlorinated Water Pool
  2. Salt Water Pool
  3. Mineral Water Pool

Similarly the swimming pool can be filled with tap water, well water or bulk water delivered by pool water delivery service. Thereafter you can decide if you would be using any of the above pool water systems.

Regardless of the water source or system used a water structuring device can be used to structure water. Before appreciating the benefits and advantages of structured water for pool, it is important to note that cleaning and other normal pool activities are still necessary.

Pool Sanitizer Systems

In addition there are several different pool sanitizers available coming with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Hypochlorous Acid aka Pool Chlorine
  2. Salt Water Chlorinators
  3. Pool Bromine
  4. Ozone Pool System
  5. Ultraviolet (UV) Pool System
  6. Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB)
  7. Pool Ionizer System
  8. Pool Hydrogen Peroxide
  9. Other Chlorine Alternatives

Common Pool Concerns, Issues And Solutions

Having mentioned the above standard expectations of owning pool, where does structured water come in to alleviate some of the concerns and issues surrounding a swimming pool.

Swimming pools, though a delight to own one, come with its plethora of issues. The main and common concerns of a swimming pool include but not limited;

  • algae
  • debris
  • water clarity
  • mineral deposits
  • chlorine smell
  • pH
  • chemicals
  • pool maintenance costs
  • itchy or irritation to skin and eyes
  • harsh effects on skin, hair, swimsuit

Structured Water Devices For Swimming Pool

Here are some of the best structured water devices for swimming pool. They are equally suited for inground pools and above ground pools whether using fiber glass or any other material.  They are not portable and need installation. There are many structured water products on the market today and purchasing one should be an informed decision in order to make a selection that best suits your needs.

Pool Structured Water Vortexer

Greenfield Pool Water Vortexer
Enhance your swimming pool water with the Pool Vortexer by Greenfield Water Solutions, featuring vortexing and energizing in one compact unit. This water structuring device is maintenance free, never needs a replacement and carries a lifetime warranty.

It installs on the recirculating line of your pool and can be installed underground or above ground. It works continuously to structure and energize pool water

Pool Structured Water Vortexer Benefits

  • Reduces pool chemicals by 30%
  • Eliminates unpleasant chlorine odor from towels and bathing suits
  • Reduces or eliminates allergic reactions to chlorine in pool water
  • Reduces scum on pool coping
  • Reduces pool filter maintenance
  • Reduces pump maintenance and operation costs
  • Enhances overall swimming experience

Swimming Pool Unit

NAT Swimming Pool Device
Natural Action Technologies commercial grade structured water device or Revitalizer SPU-200 swimming pool unit. This unit comes standard with 2″ NPTF adaptable to any fitting type.

You will  reduce chemical and chlorine use, reduce chemical harshness, and soften your pool water as it flows through the pump for a more enjoyable swimming experience.

Swimming Pool Unit Benefits

  • Chemical Free Softener
  • Reduces Chlorine and Chemical Use
  • Reduces Hard Scale and Mold
  • Healthy Raised Living Vitality Water for Softer Water
  • Oxygenates Your Water
  • Creates Living High Quality Spring Like Pool Water
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Easy to Install

Structured Water Benefits For Swimming Pool

When a pool is equipped with a structured water device a lot of things happen, all in your favor. The algae will not form as fast and as frequently, you need less of chlorine or other sanitation chemicals, cleaning becomes less frequent except if physical dirt like debris, bugs, leaves are a problem.

The water will become much clearer for longer reducing the need for a water clarifier. Water pH will not be much of a problem though the need to check it as normal will still be there. pH will be normalized most of the time. Also see structured water for agriculture for benefits for plants and animals.

One of the most significant benefits of swimming in structured water is how it feels on the skin and how it rejuvenates the body – skin, hair, nails. Some of the reasons one might switch from a chlorine pool to saltwater or mineral pool are less irritation from the water and the feeling of silkiness of the water on the skin. The same structured water for skin benefits can be enjoyed in a hot tub and pool spa as well.

Benefits Of Using Structured Water For Your Pool

using structured water in swimming pool
  • Water with spring or rain water quality or better
  • Longer period of fresh crystal clear water
  • Transfer of anabolic energy to the body when swimming
  • Smoother and silkier water with nourishing effects on the skin, hair, nails, etc.
  • Reduction of use of chlorine and other sanitation chemicals
  • Protection of pipes from excessive scaling and reduced calcification

Structured water for commercial use – A water structuring device can be used in facilities that require higher water flow rates than in a household.

What Is Structured Water

Structured water is water that is in its pristine restored state. When water is influenced by or exposed to outside factors like pollution, chemical cleaning (to make tap water safe), travelling long distances in straight pipes to homes and dams, stagnant in reservoirs, etc. it looses its innate state.

What is this innate state of water? To grasp this concept imagine spring water or rain water. To appreciate the differences between rain water and tap water, notice how the ground quickly becomes green with sprouting vegetation just within days of rain. But the same thing does not happen if tap water is accidentally left running the whole night. Why is it so?

You will get worse results with reverse osmosis water. If you were to have 3 plants, the first watered with rain water, the second with tap water and the third with ro water. You will notice that the first will blossom the most while the third will have a stunted growth. Why?

The answer is in the quality of rain water, what is has or its qualities. Rain water has more life force and more life supporting qualities than the other 2 types of water. It tends to have or be able to release more oxygen, more hydrating, etc. The differences are distinctive and not questionable.

Now extend the same analogy to the concept of structured water. This is water that has these qualities restored or infused in it. One thing to note though is that structured water varies in quality. Depending on how it is made it may be better than or lower than rain water but it will most certainly be better than tap and reverse osmosis water.

In a nutshell that is how to look at and understand the concept behind structured water in layman’s terms.

How Does Structured Water Work For Pool

As described above with the analogy of rain water, structured water is rich with life supporting qualities and creates unfavorable conditions for anaerobic bacteria and algae.

Structured water makes bio-available oxygen more readily available and increase biophoton content of swimming pool water, thereby increasing aerobic bacteria (good bacteria) and decreasing anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria).

Not only that, structured water has the ability to neutralize toxins, to an extent, such that even when chemicals, salts and chlorine are added to the water their harsh effects on the skin, hair and nails are significantly reduced. The water becomes more life supporting and tends to nourish the body instead of leaving it dry and soggy.

How Does Structured Water For Pool Compare With Other Systems

Hands down a pool is a delight to have and swimming is a desirable action because of its many therapeutic and exercise benefits. However, the water you swim in can be a challenge especially when the quality of care is less than average. Even when the care is of 5-star standard there is always something nagging about the quality of water or the costs that go into the care of the pool in order to bring out the best swimming experience.

So 2 things stand out: the quality of water and costs. These to go hand in hand like a see-saw. There is always need to improve the quality of water without incurring too much costs and at the same time to reduce costs without compromising the quality of water.

In search to solve this paradox some people would prefer chlorine water pool because of low cost of chemicals used but the drawback is the water would smell of chlorine and is usually not friendly to the skin, eyes, hair and swimsuit.

To compensate for the smell of chlorine and harsh water one may opt for saltwater pool. This type of pool has better water quality which is even smoother and silky but it comes with a little bit more cost especially initially.

Another option is mineral pool whose water is even better than salt water pool.

Depending on your preferred pool water system, using a structured water device on your pool will not interfere with whether you use chlorine, salt or mineral water pool. Instead the quality of water will go up improving swimming experience many fold and maintenance & sanitation costs will go down

Chlorine Water Pool vs With Pool Structured Water Device

Chlorine water pool primarily uses chlorine based solutions for pool sanitation among other things. Many chlorine water pool owners are looking for chlorine alternatives because of the disadvantages of chlorine. Apart from the fact that this type of pool is cheaper and much easier to clean because chlorine tablets and other products are easily accessible. It has some major chlorine drawbacks.

Some of which are the smell and irritation to skin and eyes. At times it bleaches swim suits. The water quality is also not out of this world with the need to use water clarifiers from time to time to avoid cloudy water.

With installation of a water structuring device the water quality will suddenly improve with much less irritation and friendlier to the skin and hair to the extent that it will nourish your entire body. The swimming experience will more therapeutic than before.

The cleaning and cloudiness will reduce significantly and some users have reported reductions of 30% in costs and cleaning frequency.

Salt Water Pool vs With Pool Structured Water Device

Same problems experienced with chlorine water pool are also found with salt water pool except the chlorine smell and skin irritation are greatly reduced. Now when structured water is used instead of ordinary water everything improves – the quality of water improves and costs go down.

Mineral Water Pool vs With Pool Structured Water Device

The same goes for mineral pool. When structured water is used better experiences come about. Some structured water devices, like the Aqua Energizer devices, are imprinted with mineral information from ormus mineral coating. This mineral information is available to your pool water as it passes through the device.

This means you might not need to add as much mineral content into the pool water as before. Mineralization is the scientific process of making minerals bioavailable. The Aqua Energizer changes the oxidation state of minerals in water changing them from undissolved to dissolved thereby making them bioavailable. Aqua Energizers also imprint the frequency of a wide range of trace minerals onto water.

How Does Structured Water For Pool Work With Pool Sanitation Systems

When using structured water for your pool any pool sanitation system can be used nor do you have to switch because of installing the structured water unit. Water that is structured does not interfere with any pool sanitation methods. The advantage of structured water is that it normally reduces any associated costs and improves the quality of water all round.

When you use a structured water device to structure pool water you do not need to change any other thing or cleaning method you have been using. The same way you would not change anything whether you used a pool water delivery truck to fill your pool or used home supply water. You will do everything else the same.

The same goes for structured water except you will need to install the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases the installation is simple and straight forward without any exorbitant costs.

Further, water filters will not be changed or cleaned as often as before because any mineral deposits and scaling will reduce. The walls and the floor of the pool will not as much scale as before. In other words what has been happening will significantly reduce and slow down.

How Does Structured Water For Pool Affect General Pool Cleaning

There is a lot of misconception and conception about using a pool structured water or a water structuring device for pool. Some people misunderstand the qualities and characteristics to mean no more cleaning or caring of the pool is necessary. Sadly, some manufacturers covertly and subliminally convey that message. Structured water is portrayed as a miracle thing that all of a sudden makes other swimming pool chores unnecessary.

Consumers should not buy into that hype nor should they misunderstand the many benefits of structured water to mean some core chores suddenly stop.

Remember you do not stop check car oil because you are now using the best oil on the market nor do stop visiting a dentist because you are using top of the range toothpaste that is certified to grow your enamel back and stop bleeding gums. the best thing that can happen is you will not have to see the doctor as often as before and you will feel great most of the time.

You will always need or do the following;

Shock For Deep Pool sanitation

As a pool owner you know it is of paramount importance to have a shock for your pool for heightened chlorine sanitation. This also depends on the type of sanitation system you use but that deep cleaning from time to time is necessary, especially after a long time without using the pool. Whether you are using a structured water device or not.

Test Kits, Strips And For Pool

It is important to carry out pool water testing from time to time to ensure that the water chemistry is balanced. Test kits or strips will detect pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, free available chlorine, bromine, cyanuric acid, metals, phosphates, total dissolved solids, etc. It is important to be within the standard levels to continue enjoying your swimming experience.

Pool Skimmer

Debris like leaves, flower petals, insects and bugs, hair, etc. are inevitable in a pool. Though an indoor pool is unlikely to have leaves and flower petals, it will definitely have hair. If you enjoy outdoor living and you have an outdoor pool leaves and dead matter will gather in the pool. A pool skimmer is necessary to help clean the pool of this dirt.

Pool Cover

A pool cover is necessary for any pool because there are times the pool can stay for longer periods without being used. When it is not used debris and other unwanted things can collect in the water. At the same time when it hot (or there is a breeze) there is water evaporation. Also to help water stay clean for longer a pool must be covered immediately after use. Not to mention the importance of safety the cover provides.

Pool Water Treatment

Pool water needs to be treated from time to time to main its clarity and reduce or remove hardness. There are a number of pool water treatment systems as mentioned above and using structured water for your pool will significantly aid any system used to the extent of even reducing the costs.

If you are looking for the best swimming pool water treatment system, start with using a water structuring device for pool. There are many swimming pool water treatment systems and all come with their pros and cons. Use of structured water blends in all of them.

It does not matter whether you use a mineral pool system; want a low chlorine pool system, or not sure if is it safe to swim in a pool without chlorine, or looking for alternative pool sanitizers or looking for chlorine free pool systems. When you have structured water device installed in your pool some of these concerns will go away. They become unnecessary and areas of no concern anymore.

When your pool water is structured you will have the healthiest pool system you can make. Structured water can be used in hot tubs as well.

What Is The Healthiest Pool Water

The healthiest pool water is water that is structured using a structured water device like Aqua Energizer. This is because Aqua Energizer structured water units are of very high standard. Each device is handcrafted with quality materials that separate the Aqua Energizers from many other water treatment systems. Their scientists meticulously engage with quantum physics measurements and adjust the construction based on what gives the water the highest frequency.

Each structured water unit has a beautiful blue ormus mineral coating. This ormus is made from seawater, morning dew and ash. It is then blended with plant resins and adhered to the outside of the devices. The result is an abundance of mineral information that is imprinted on the device and available to your water as it passes through the vortex. The ormus serves a dual function as it provides mineral information and beauty at the same time.

Mineralization is the scientific process of making minerals bioavailable. The Aqua Energizer changes the oxidation state of minerals in water changing them from undissolved to dissolved thereby making them bioavailable. Aqua Energizers also imprint the frequency of a wide range of trace minerals onto water.

That is not all, the piping of the device is copper. Copper vessels are traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine because copper is thought to be very vital in maintaining the balance of the doshas. The oligodynamic effect of copper, which has been used for thousands of years to filter water, allows it to destroy pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms.

Therefore when an Aqua Energizer structured water device is used in a pool, the pool water will not only be structured to to the highest standards but will also be with trace mineral information that can passed onto the water and at the same time the oligodynamic effect of copper will take of the harmful microbes, fungi, and bacteria. This makes the healthiest pool water to swim in.

Structured Water Hoax

The subject of structured water is fairly new and less known in many circles and at times grossly misunderstood by those who come across the concept. Sadly so because it may sound like a marketing gimmick or misrepresented by some. So at times it seems fitting to think structured water is a hoax.

Well, it is as much of a hoax as is reverse osmosis water, filtered water, etc. In other words, one needs a little understanding in order to appreciate it in the same way that one had to understand why they think they need an RO system or a water filter system in the house. Today, no one will not frown upon the use of any these water treatment methods because of understanding. Today is common knowledge that city water needs to be cleaned or purified further with a filtration system and tap water is not the best water to drink.

That understanding extends further for those who use well water such that there is no question that one needs some sort of water purification system to make well water usable and drinkable.

Putting aside water filters and ro systems, what about hydrogen water, alkaline water or ionized water? Though there are people who also think these are all scams, these waters are better understood than structured water.

Whatever the case, a little due diligence can go a long way. Regardless of whether you are in doubt or full believer.

It is all about understanding and learning what is in the water that does not need to be there or what needs to be done to water in order to improve it; be it taste, pH, texture, clarity, chemical composition, biological contamination, etc. Though we need to admit that the science and literature behind water purification, filtration, etc. was straight-forward and easier to understand than the concept of structured water.

The structured water concept introduces a whole lot more concepts that can be challenging to get your head around. Even so because the concept is not universally conceptualized in the same way by even those who are experts in the field. This, admittedly, can cause confusion. The concepts are challenging not because they are difficult or rocket science but simply unbelievable. They sound like magic! Or miracles! They go against our understating of water, a substance we interact with everyday of our lives. There is nothing new under the earth especially for something as ancient as water. That is part of the problem why it is difficult to embrace this concept for what it is.

Some manufacturers embrace the concept without fully appreciating it. These are the ones who may not have carried out a full blown scientific research but went on to create a structured water device or product. And when they express its benefits or the benefits of structured water, at times it sounds hyped or over the urge.

Where there is hype a lot doubt is created. At the same time when something is misunderstood, it may sound like hype or marketing scam. Here is a quick analogy to understand how you will benefit from using structured water for pool.

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