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Structured Water Farming

Ideally every farmer, gardener, landscaper, pet owner or anyone who uses water for plants or animals, they should be using structured water. This is because structured water is the next best thing to unpolluted rain water. In structured water farming, this type of water sometimes referred to as energized water requires a structured water dispenser in order to distribute or produce water that is structured.

Structured Water Farming & Agriculture

Structured water farming methods are now being adopted
When using structured water agriculture sector will be boom and become highly profitable because of the benefits the water brings

In farming or agriculture, farmers can use a specially designed water structuring device for agriculture. Those who need water for a small garden, lawn or for pets can use a household structured water device like a whole house unit or garden device.

A device for agricultural use varies in design and size. Some devices are designed to be fitted in the main pipeline and supply the whole farm or crop field while some can be units meant to be in pivot irrigation system where several units would be needed depending on the size of the farm.

At the same time, structured water technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, some even holding patents to the technology. Renowned manufacturers include but not limited to;

Natural Action Technologies – NAT for shot has a wide range of water structuring units including Aqua Energizer which is manufactured specifically for irrigation systems.

UMH – UMH is know to manufacture a whole range of structured water devices ranging from portable, household to commercial use including farming.

Some countries are already involved in using structured water for farming practices like India, United States, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, etc.

Is Rain Water Structured

Rain water is naturally structured but depending on where you are in the world it may not be ideal for use in farming or drinking. Not ideal because if the atmosphere is toxic, those toxins will be in the water which would require treatment before being used. Certain treatments would destroy the natural structure. At the same time rainwater is not always available while farming with structured water can be the answer.

Is Spring Water Structured Water

Spring water like rain water is natural action structured water and unfortunately it is not readily available especially in agricultural and farming practices. The next best thing to naturally occurring structured water is water passed through a device. The device or the structured water dispenser will supply water to the crops and animals on demand. Further if spring water were to be drawn from the source by running it through pipes that cover long distances it will loose its structured nature and become bulk water.

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