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Science Behind Structured Water

Gradually there is convincing science behind structured water
As with everything that needs proving, science on structured water is becoming more and more available to demystify any doubts that are lingering about this phenomenon

There is a lot of science behind structured water that supports the existence or concept of structured water. Many well-known scientists, including Nobel laureates and candidates, have conducted water research and reached independent, yet similar, conclusions.

However, a lot is not yet known about structured water because;

  1. New discoveries about water (or more understanding) come to the surface now and then,
  2. All of science is not in full acknowledgement and agreement with the what structured water it really is,
  3. More and varied structured water studies are carried out all around the world.

The Science Behind Structured Water

On these page you will find more information about researchers, scientists and other related information discussed on these website. The aim is to assist and make it easier for you to find information should you want to research further about what we discuss.

We have simply read the information after some research and we share it here according to how we interpret it.

Resources – Researchers, Talks, Documentations, References, etc

Below are some of the researchers and scientists we have looked at their work and shared our opinion about or there was reference to their work in some of the content on the website.
Peter Agre (2017) – Aquaporin Water Channels

This lecture is about discovery Aquaporin Water Channels and its impact on malaria and not really related to structured water….

Click here to watch Aquaporin Water Channels Lecture By Peter Agre.

Talks & Interviews

Here we share some talks or interviews that we might have made reference to in our content.

Manufacturers & Products

There are countless structured water manufacturers and products on the market today. Here you will find a resourceful list of different structured water products from different manufacturers.

Manufacturers use varying structured water technology but in the end produce a product, a unit, a device that restructures water. Restructured water is ultimately water with life force energy, water that has been revitalized also often called living water.

The products or units or devices also vary in their uses and applications. Some are portable devices making it easy to carry them around such that you can use it whenever you want to drink water. And it makes structured water readily available.

Some devices are designed to be installed either on the main pipe line or somehow. This can be at the sink or on a pipeline such that structured water is available in the whole house.

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