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What is the best structured water?

    What is the best structured water?

    The best structured water to drink or use depends on the technology or method used to make it. Structured water is loosely taken to mean or imply energized structured water. However, structured water can be water that has been simply vortexed and not processed further or it can be water that is vortexed then infused with energy and other beneficial frequencies.

    So to answer the question what is the best structured water;

    It is water that has been structured, revitalized or energized. Some structured water product manufacturers go to the extent of introducing mineral imprint or frequency into the water using Quantum Physics principles. When this water is used for drinking, bathing, cooking or watering plants the (trace) mineral frequencies are bio-available for absorption by the cells.

    Defining The Best Structured Water

    Structured water is not made equal, it varies in quality and extent of structured-ness. In context structured water can be liked to an empty and reformatted memory stick where anything can be uploaded into it (good or bad – more on this later). The reformatting is done by the vortexing when the water is moving or introduction of magnetic field i.e. using magnets.

    At times structuring (reformatting) happens at the same time with some level of encrypting certain frequencies.

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